Brisbane, Australia

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 4.5

Legislation: It is Illegal in Queensland and all drug use is taken as a serious breach of law.

Law enforcement: Law is enforced, and some of my friends have been in trouble. just be discreet and you’ll do fine.

Where to buy marijuana: It’s not easy to find in the city (CBD) as normally you’d need to know people to be able to get a hookup. try to be low-profile and cool about it if you ask around. Most will point you to the fortitude valley, and you might get lucky there, I never did though, but then again I didn’t try too hard in that area, just a couple of times. but the punks or other similarly outstanding people usually gathered in the queen street mall central area (up from Albert street) may be able to help, also anybody who looks stoned or looks the type may be cool enough to help. That’s all I remember about finding hookups, it’s been almost a year since I’ve had to do it, good luck..

Marijuana prices: 25 $ for a stick or “25” – usually about a gram and a half if you find a good dealer.

50 $ for a fifty – usually about 2.8 to 3.5 grams, again varying according to dealer and prices.

90 – 100 $ for a quarter – 7 grams, but at times you may get slightly less or more.

160 – 180 $ for a half ounce – 14 grams, I can’t usually get the 160 $ price range these days anymore though, you’ll be lucky to find one.

Marijuana brands: Various Australian and imported varieties from everywhere else, all Buds, hash and oil non-existent so far. quality and high for hydro varies from good to mind-blowing, as for bush, well i guess so far the range would be from barely adequate to very good (I did have great bush once but it was all the way from new Caledonia thanks to a good friend of mine, oi, ice cubes do make smoking smoother, thanks mate!)

More information: that’s about it, i hope someone i know puts up new Caledonia for us, you know who you are…… peace everyone. overgrow the government.