Bologna, Italy

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 4

Legislation: In Italy if you’re caught with less than 500 mg THC (about 5 gr. low quality hash or 2,5 high quality hemp) they only make you an administrative fine, with more, you risk a trial for dealing.

Law enforcement: It depends on the officer’s . On railway station and on the city center sometimes there are policemen with dogs, so be careful.

Don’t carry more than 5g and you should be fine.

Italian police are not known for their vigilance, and Bologna is no exception. Everyone knows where all the dealers hang out but the police never mess with them. It’s tolerated, so long as you avoid the really flashy, touristy areas. I guess they want to make a good impression of the city.

Where to buy marijuana: In Via Zamboni (university street) there are lots of junkies and Moroccans selling hash, sometimes weed. Junkies usually try to sell fake or bad quality hash (if they say something like: “police is coming” and try to make it quick, they’re almost surely trying to sell you fake stuff), Moroccans usually sell a little bit better hash, rarely weed

Your best bet is the university district in the eastern part of the city. More specifically: go to piazza verdi and look for the Greek restaurant. Immediately facing the Greek restaurant, there is a small open space with a couple of trees and phone booths in it. You’ll see the dealers there (usually with their dogs) almost all the time. Approach them with a smile and a “biongiorno”, and just ask for hash. They’re very open and quite friendly.

another reporter added: “i wanted to inform that piazza Verdi DO NOT GO THERE becuase now with the new senator they have put hundreds of cameras in that area and u will be caught as soon as u buy they have a surveillance truck there that normally does not move so i strongly suggest that if u don’t wanna get caught do not go there , also if u do buy there they normally sell u dirt actually dirt they don’t have any hash , the university’s all the dealers leave in the summer cause there no class no students no hash !!!! everybody goes to the beach if u wanna find bud just be a stoner and recognize the stoners ask them they hook u up most of the times¬†that’s it and peace ”

Our latest reporters tell us: “In Piazza Verdi is difficult find hashish. Too many cops and cameras. Just walk down via Zamboni until you reach Piazzale Puntoni, the Moroccans are now there. Better moroccos then junkies”

Marijuana prices: It’s easy to get ripped off if they know you’re a foreigner. Mostly, you’ll be paying about 10-15 euros for a gram of hash.

Marijuana brands: Hash ranges from dark, terribly brittle stuff to some good hash oil. Moroccan, mostly. It’s really a crap shoot when it comes to quality.