Bogota, Columbia

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 4.5

Legislation: Thanks to the bush administration we’re now fumigating the forests of colombia trying obliterate cocaine, which by the way is seriously harming the natives. Because of this colombia has to act like they don’t tolerate drug use even though cocaine and marijuana are still easily accessible.

Law Enforcement: The law enforcement is pretty corrupt so if one hassles you hand him some money 20,000 pesos($10) should do it pending on the amount you carry. You can have up to an ounce and they won’t do shit. If you have more – bring out the bribe.

a local reporter recently added : “My cousin, his friend, and I were crossing a cross walk that arched above one of the major streets, and we were randomly searched by the Police. Thankfully, none of us had anything on us, but the Police said that “For all I know, you could have had Marijuana.” If we would have had any Porro on us, we would have been prosecuted to the fullest extent. For this, I would say that your site should caution travelers to carry small amounts in calletos (hidden pockets) or in their socks, but still remain very careful and conscious of certain areas where police are on the look out for anyone with any amount of pot.”

Where to buy marijuana in Bogota: You can buy herb just about anywhere, ask around downtown and yo’ll find some, watch where you go or who is watching you It can be dangerous being a foreigner especially if your’e an american. If you go to the national college you can easily find some. At the parks too. there are alot of rastas or rasta wannabees ask them they got the hook up. Basically anywhere, that place is loaded with weed.

Marijuana Prices in Bogota: Thats what’s really awesome about Bogota It will cost you about a dollar for an 8th of an ounce. However that’s for mid-grade weed. The good shit which they usually call red point will be more expensive like 3 bucks an 8th. So basically weed is free there. If you go just outside the city to the counrty side ask around like I did, I found this guy who offered me a potato sack filled with red point for about$150 bucks! I was like about to drool when I saw it there had to be like more than five pounds in there I should have asked the farmer if he accepted visa or mastercard!

Marijuana brands in Bogota: The street brands are pretty simple you got crappy shit, mid-grade, and if you find the right dealer you can get red point, and colombian gold.

More information: Make sure your’e in a safe place because you don’t want to have to buy weed from shifty characters who might rip you off or worse rob you, so get to know people first so you can have someone to go with you that can be trusted.

Other than that Colombia is a really great place that has an undeserved bad reputation. Bogota has some great clubs and can be a fun place to party, and since everything is so cheap if you have little amount of money You can live like a king over there. Seriously you need to check this place out, the beaches, the tropical forrests, the very hot latinas that are so goddamn hot, and they just love american and european guys trust me, I know I’m from New Orleans and I saw way better action there then in prude america. But most of all go there for the herb man!