Biel – Bienne, Switzerland

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 4

Legislation: It is not legal to smoke pot in Switzerland, but very common.

Law enforcement: It depends a bit from the Cantons, sometimes strict, sometimes really easy.

If they catch you with a small amounth, the leave you. Sometimes you get a fine.

Where to buy marijuana: It is very easy to get weed and hash in a good quality. Go to the old town and ask young people there. Perhaps you get even a free smoke or even a good deal outside Restaurant St.Gervais.

Marijuana prices: Outdoor from 5 to 8 Swissfranc a gramm.

Indoor organic or hydroponic from 8 to 15 Swissfrancs.

Marocan, Lebanese or what ever Hash between 8 and 20 Francs.

Marijuana brands: Unbelievibel but thru, you get even a better choice then in Amsterdam.

All kind of out-and indoorweed, local hash and hash who comes from everywhere on this world. People from Biel are really cannabislovers.

More information: Biel is on a lovely lake, we speak german, french, also italian and spanish.

More then 136 different nationalitis live here, we are the meltingpot from Switzerland. Ceap accomondation in the Lagolodge Backpakers near by the lake. See u……