Belgrade, Serbia

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 3.5

Legislation: Marijuana is illegal in the Serbia, and so is any related action 🙁 but it’s not difficult to find 🙂

There is a marijuana parade in Belgrade every year, people are usually chill when it comes to cannabis.

Law enforcement: As long as you are not obvious, the police will not give you a hard time. Many are known to smoke themselves. Just light up at a local park or indoors. Downtown belgrade where there is a lot of traffic/people I do not recommend smoking there.

The police usually do not disturb you as long as you are not causing trouble, but of course, this is not a rule. Try to keep out of their sight.

They will (in worst case), check your passport and let you leave. Just don’t let them see you smoking around and you be fine. Be careful for cops in jeeps they are the most serious, the cops who are walking around the city are not trouble makers, they wont touch you. If you want to be 100% safe just keep your weed in some safer place(I mean not in your pocket). For smoking in pubs I would recommend only hash, never weed. And one more thing, cops like chill people so if they stop you just be friendly.

Where to buy marijuana in Belgrade:

Our local reporter tells us: “There are no streetsellers in Belgrade, best way to find some weed is to go to Trg Republike and ask any younger people for phone nomber of dealer. Also try place called Akademija in Knez Mihajlova street, plastic club in centre of Belgrade, Barutana trance club on Kalemegdan park, or look for informations for some trance party and just go there.”

Other say: Look for younger people, everyone is very friendly and most speak English fairly well. Just ask and they will help you out. Lots of the local parks are great places to find people that smoke weed. There are many high-tier dealers in Belgrade that supply whole of Serbia and Bosnia. You must have a contact to buy from them.

You can try to go near “splavovi” the clubs on the river near the tram bridge. Around midnight just walk there and someone will smoke it. The Belgrade is safe to wander around after dark. The other place is “Studentski trg” near fortres “Kalemegdan”. A few years before it used to be easy to find something near club “KST”, easy found near tallest building in Belgrade “Beogradjanka”. However, it seems that first options will yield more fruit. Also, if you go and take a cab with (and only with) younger driver, ask him freely. They do not have connections with law enforcement whatsoever and do not like them. It is possible you’ll pay more, but there is a high chance he’ll provide you with phone number… If you are lucky, it could be a good Albanian import !

Try to find a normal (you will recognize 🙂 ) looking guy and ask if he has any, or knows where to buy some… a Good place for that would be night clubs with house/techno music… Do not buy from gangsta style persons or in the streets.

Belgrade marijuana prices:


International weed-10e max, gram Serbian weed- 7e max, gram

Hash- 7e max, gram

On one 5 grams bag you should ask dealer to give you one more gram bonus, and for 10, 2 grams bonus, and so it goes….

10-20 dollars an eighth.

35- quarter

95- Ounce

Beo-White (Local belgrade dro) very high quality


Marijuana Strains/Brands: Domacica – Serbian weed is brand for weed but, don’t waste your time on that,its hard to get it. Better try to get some Rakia or Pelinkovac alcohol drinks, Serbian people love it……..

Vutra, Ganja – names for marijuana Domacica – name for domestic cultivate marijuana, it’s more expensive than others and hard to find, but good 🙂

More information: Pretty easy to find weed in Belgrade. A lot of high-level dealers keep marijuana distributed throughout the city. Talk to the younger crowds. When you smoke, just don’t make a big deal out of it and you will be fine……