Beijing, China

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]:: 3.5

Legislation: Marijuana is illegal in China, and so is any related action. Since Cannabis is quite a big industry in China (cloth making, rope making etc.), cannabis cultivation is legal.

Law Enforcement: Hash is illegal to sell in China, although not technically illegal to possess. However the cops don;t necessarily do things exactly by the word of the law, so cops could give you a lot of trouble, although they don’t usually care what foreigners do. Smoking in public used to be absolutely OK, but things are changing as the city gets more internationalized, so be careful.

a more recent report we received for beijing law enforcement is: “Non-existant for westerners. The cops will often turn thier back if they see a foreigner doing something that is considered mildly illegal.”

and our most recent report is: “Although there have been some recent laws brought up to protect the city from its drug slingers, the world of a pot smoker is quite relaxed and realtively “legal” in the city of Beijing. Everyonce and a while you hear of a certain someone getting messed over by the police but you probably would if you smoked up in the police headquaters. Recently reading the news there have been reports of high rewards given for snitches however this mainly relates more to locals then anyone else. Foreigners are usually left well alone, again, unless they do something stupid. ”

and also: “in Sanlitun cop are patroling like crazy and because of the olympics they’re trying to catch the pot dealers so look around b4 u buy ”

and: “The cops have recently swept the city clean of most of its Africa drug dealers. Most of the stuff about asking the first west african you see is correct but their stuff is what is known as soap bar, which is impure hash. ”

Where to Buy Marijuana in Beijing: In Beijing it is very easy to buy hash and pot is also available from time to time. If you don’t know anyone, the best thing to do is to go to the Sanlitun bar area, either the bar street itself or to the area in front of the KFC west of Sanlitun Bar Street, opposite the City Hotel. Most of the merchants are West African guys who hang around that area. Another recomended area is the bar street in “nu ren jie”, readers found this area helpful in scoring both hash and pot!!

a more recent report we have is :”Beijing is a rapidly changing city. I have not found anything in the Haidian district, but in the Sunlitan district you can still find hash. Just look for the street vendors selling pipes and rolling papers and say ‘Hash’. More likely then not they have a small amount available for sale. Prices are around 25$ for 1.5-2 grams. People are nice and better deals can be made.

Another reporter added: “Probably one of the most easiest things to do in beijing other than by fake DVDs. Although sometimes difficult to trust, the dealers are usually quite friendly and hang around the main hot spots of Beijing. The San Li Tun road is quite a popular hang out, and that is where you find most of the guys. They are not difficult to spot because they are never inside, they are usually just walking around on the side of the road and quick eye contact will easily get there attention. A quick “Yo Wassup” and “You want some shit?” will be all that is heard before you are holding some of your very own sticky. The better contacts can be found through phone numbers. Make pot smoking friends!”

and also :”In Sanlitun go to the restaurant floor of the ya show market and look for the loitering african guys or go to the mix club and look for the african guys”

and :”now because of the olympics police is cleaning up the sanlitun bar area and hash is becoming hard to find so your best chance is head to this little store across the street next to a newpaper stand who sells papers bongs etc.. and just say hash or da maa. and he might have some. if that doesnt work go to the mix club at night and look for african merchants and always deal with the guy.”

and our most recent report is: “Your best current bet is to go to Sanlitun Bar Street, by 3.3 (san dian san) and walk up and down the street from Shooters to A Lil’ High. Speak to any kids you see with long hair or ask a barkeep for da ma (weed and hash) or just plain hash. Generally though, the teen expat population can point you in the correct direction. It’s a very open city at this time. ”

Marijuana prices: Hah.. Here is where you can usually tell the regulars to the amateurs. The prices usually range from 150-250 and if i were you i would take a look at what your buying before handing over the dough. Most of dealers you find are going to rip you off however your always going to get some hash worth smoking. A “block” should usually cost around 100-150 RMB ($18-$25). You will rarely find yourselve dealing with measurements so a keen eye is what you need when buying the drugs.

another reporter added: “100 yuan for a gram of hash and 150 for half ounce of schwag and 200 for a half ounce of k2 but thats just me i have a friend here”

and also: “100 for a packet of hash and 120 for a fews grams of african weed”

and our most recent report is: “The weed is disappearing from Beijing so it is getting more and more expensive, while hash remains pretty constant. Paying RMB200 for a 3cm x 3cm block should be considered normal. Weed can usually be bought for around RMB150/gram.” this report was verified by additional reports recently, so looks there is good smoke to be had, you simply must be persistent and look around.

Marijuana brands: Although the demand for hash has stayed quite high and steady, there have been recent developments regarding the availability of weed (grass) in Beijing. A lot of the African dealers, who ultimately build up a huge chunk of the drug dealers in Beijing, say that their weed comes from overseas however this is usually not the case. The “African-weed”, honestly speaking, is quite terrible while some rare sources of weed from non-African dealers are a lot better. It may or may not be from the US (or other international countries) but it’s just better. If you are lucky and get your contacts together there should be some good green, maybe a little orange-haired, weed available to you at a pricey but somewhat reasonable price.

Hash is the drug of choice here in Beijing and the rare Weed which is found is not worth the high prices. If someone offers you weed i would advice to reject.

another reporter added: “hash,schwag,and k2 ”

and our most recent report is: “Most of the things you’ll get is Nepalese or produced somewhere in China. The E is imported from Hong Kong and the dealers often bring a couple hundred pills with them when they come from somewhere (ie. 100x pills from New York) so the market is quite saturated with good quality E but the hash and weed is hard to pin down.”

Country: China

Time Zone: UTC/GMT +8 hours

Dialing codes: + 86 (China) + 10