Batemans Bay, Australia

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 4.5

Legislation: Small fine/possible court appearance. Heavier penalties for dealing. In nearby Canberra (2 hour drive) it is legal to grow 2 plants for personal use.

Law enforcement: Marijuana/Cannabis use is of the lowest priority for cops in Batemans Bay. At RBT’s (Random Breath Testing) whilst driving, only alcohol is checked for, and not any other drugs.

Where to buy marijuana in Batemans Bay: Look for skater kids and emo/gothics. Most young people (15-18) will have an idea of where to get some weed. Also, you may be approached at house parties, and be asked if you either have some or want some.

Marijuana prices in Batemans Bay:

$20- Stick (1 Bud)

$50- 3 Sticks (3 Buds)

$70 to $90- Quater Ounce.

Types of Marijuana in Batemans Bay: Any thing from homegrown, to Hydro, to White Rhino (very potent for medical use).Most strains are quite potent, and will get you reasonably high.

More information: Make sure that if you are buying off someone who you dont know, and looks a bit shifty, check the weed for any sign of it being sprayed, or particles from something being sprinkled. This happens very, very rarely though.