Bassetere, St. Kitt’s

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 4

Legislation: N/A

Law enforcement: Didn’t see many police, the whole place is extremely laid-back. Everything from room service to the airport is so lax that every little thing takes a long time even in the most professional of situations, so I would assume the local law enforcement is the same.

Where to buy marijuana: Walk down a public beach, especially the south-east side of the island. I found some beach shacks right on the sand. We were staying with couple of locals, and they told me that it was not sketchy; very low risk of trouble from the chap who ran the place or police. He sold beer, rolling papers, and various trinkets. As I walked by at about 6pm he was showing another fellow a small wooden bowl full of green ganja. I didn’t buy any that day, but the next day I asked him for some and he put it in a paper towel, and bought individual rolling papers, rather than a package, which he gave to me all crumpled up, I assume this is the norm here. The stuff I bought was also brown, with a few seeds in it, but it turned out to be a very potent high. I hope these examples only illustrate a few cultural differences you should expect when you buy your green here, and you will hopefully be less uneasy upon receiving brown weed.

Marijuana prices: I paid ~$30 USD for ~2.5g, but it was very good quality.