Barcelona, Spain

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 4

Legislation: Spain’s constitution gives considerable protection to what people do in the privacy of their homes.”

“The Spanish law says that personal behavior in a private place, and this includes private land and outbuildings, is protected by the constitution,” “The controversial issues are that police are allowed to determine if what you are doing is personal or if it is meant for distribution, which is illegal, and they are also allowed to arrest you if your cannabis activities or possession are outside of your private domain.”

ARSEC – the country’s premier marijuana legalization organization

Law Enforcement: The cops in Barca are a joke…

Drug use and possession for personal use do not constitute a criminal offence under Spanish law. However, public consumption is penalized with administrative fines.

Public possession of less than two ounces of cannabis is not a criminal offense, although heavy administrative fines can be levied. Possession of more than two ounces, growing for sale, or selling are considered criminal offenses, but prison terms are not as severe as those levied in the US.

the police are worthless, i had a knife pulled on me in front of my house, ran away and got the police, in perfect spanish told them that the person had a knife and wouldnt let me into my apartment. They kicked me out of their car and drove off and i had to have a footrace to my door.

what law enforcement? they pretty much hide during the day and at night they seem to camp out in the popular plazas, like Placa Real, where they aren’t alone.

Where to Buy Marijuana in Barcelona: Well the infamous Ramblas is still a hot spot! As many recommend the shops area has many police.. However, if you walk down ramblas you will pass 2 or 3 metro stops when you get to the one I am talking about you will see all the African guys standing around.. Make eye contact and lift your eyebrows.. Many will take you down to the metro and make the transaction inside while going up the other escalator.. Sounds sketchy but actually works well, be quick..

To find hash ask any of the arab looking guys selling beers on Ramblas or down near the waterfront..Actually the waterfront never worked for me but right at the beginning of Ramblas is a good spot for hash..

another reporter added: ” Very very easy to obtain hash in Barcelona. Walk down Las Ramblas to the waterfront and walk around the waterfront where the benches are. During the day, just ask any of the black or arab people sitting around, everytime i asked them for hash they turned out to be dealers themselves. The hash is good, but stay away from the pot, i wasn’ t able to find any pot worth buying while i was there and reccomend you stick to hashish. At night, these people will walk around saying “hash, marijuana,” so you can just sit and wait for them to come to you. I liked the waterfront because there is absolutely no police presence yet it is very busy and lots of people are around so it feels very safe. Furthermore, they will let you inspect the stuff before you buy it, even in the daytime. When i asked them about pot, most were already smoking a joint and gave me a hit, but like i said before, it was very bad, but you will see for yourself. I highly recommend t hat you stay away from Las Ramblas the plazas when it comes to buying pot, there are usually police somewhere around there and they are always trying to lure you into alleyways to inspect it. Overall, i found it very shady (even though it was easy to find there) and the stuff was worse than what i found on the waterfront. One time i got this person to drop his price from 30 to 5 euros for some hash (in Placa Real), so I also suspect many of the people dealing in the plazas have connections to the police. STAY AWAY.”

and also: “You can easily find hash on las ramblas and the surrounding squares, especially at night. This, however, is a little sketchy as it is one part of town where the concentration of cops is pretty high. Also the product isnt as good here. I found that at barceloneta the hash was abundant and good. Just simply ask one of the pakistanis selling chips, soda and beer if he has any. They usually will have some themselves and if not, then its close by. They will usually allow you to inspect the product as well. As for marijuana, its pretty terrible. I tried buying it once or twice from the africans on ramblas but didn’t end up purchasing it…it didn’t even smell like bud. My best recomendation is to stick with the hash.”

Barcelona Marijuana Prices: “20 Euro will get you a domino size hash.. They will always start at 40 or 30 euros but will come down, quickly nothing below 20..

the weed from the Africans 20 euro for a bag of chopped up grass no seeds but nothing special did get me high..”

“Spanish outdoor is about six to 12% THC, usually overly-dry domestic varieties. It costs $9-$20 US per gram.

When buying Moroccan hashish, look for the dark, chocolate-colored type. Ask the dealer to slice it and see if it has a dark, wet interior, which is a sign of potency.

Also worthwhile, Moroccan golden double-zero hashish. Cost: $10-$25 US per gram.”

“25-30 euros for a domino sized brick of hash. I smoke at least 1/2 of premium weed per week in the US, and this stuff lasted me over a week. always haggle, the prices they first tell you are really high, usually you can get it for half the price they initially offer”


It was my first time smoking hash this summer, but I smoke ridiculous amounts of ganja back in the states. I wasnt able to find really good hash the way it has been described to me, but i never was disappointed with my purchse. They will try and charge a high amount initially, but haggle with them and most tiems i was able to cut the price in half

More information: I tried rolling up the hash with tabacco, but the tabacco would burn way before the hash was used up. I ended up smoking the hash out of an apple bong and got really really high and it made the hash last a LONG TIME!

City id:

Area: 487 sq km

Population: 1.5 million

Country: Spain

Time Zone: GMT/UTC +1 (Central European Time)

Telephone Area Code: 93

webehigh city’s tale:

The highly entertaining street life of Barcelona is best to be seen and experienced along the axis from Passeig (=avenue) de Gracia, via Plaça Catalunya, down to the old harbour, where Columbus on his pillar points the way to the Americas. The spending level of the public runs down the same way: the more expensive and sophisticated at Passeig de Gracia, the middle class around Cataluñya square, and finally the Ramblas avenue, cheaper but livelier at the feet of the discoverer’s statue.

Halfway through the Ramblas, visitors can branch off to Plaça Reial and Carrer (=street) Escudillers, where nightlife includes the part of Barcelona’s soft drugs scene most readily available to foreigners. The sellers that used to be highly active under the porticos of Plaça Reial, recently have been obliged to become less visible and/or to disperse throughout surrounding streets. Plaça Reial is also famous for three entertainment establishments there: the Jamboree, for jazz lovers; Los Tarantos, with its “flamenco” shows; and Karma, a modern disco. Elsewhere in Barcelona, probably the most popular “up to day” disco is the Razzmatazz (formerly called Zeleste).

In general, knowledgeable sources say, it is the type of music that points the way to the soft drugs scene; with “techno”-sounds coming from discos charging an entry fee, usually being the surest guide. All over Spain, this type of music is called “bakalao”.

For soft drug pills, the sources say, visitors could look around at gay discos. Barcelona residents are more in the habit of having a steady contact with a phone number through which a deal at a private address is arranged. Out on the streets, risks increase at nighttime.

The City Police have had the good sense to appoint a seasoned officer of this “Guardia Urbana”, Mr Gerard Capdevila, as coordinator for cases involving foreign visitors either as victims of (petty) street crime, or as detainees; his 12-years experience so far always comes in very handy. He is usually to be found in the district of Ciutat Vella, the “old city”.

Police spokesmen warn tourists that the district where one could most easily run into trouble, is the so called Casc Antic (“ancient heart of the city”); specially in and around Plaça San Agustí Vell and Carrer Carders. Many decrepit houses in this district have been taken over by African immigrants with a tendency to making a living on rip-offs.

Barcelona has a solid reputation of tolerance for users who prudently keep out of trouble; but the authorities do try to crack down on sellers. The limiting difference is set by most Spanish courts at 80 grams. Even so, police agents will exercise their own judgment on the attitudes of persons they take a look at, when deciding whether to limit their action to a mere control, or to effect an arrest. Supposed users picked up with quantities between 50 and 80 -or slightly more- grams may simply have the stuff confiscated, and be advised they will be fined through administrative (non-judicial) procedures.

On the contrary, if the police consider the suspect to be really a seller, and the judges agree, stiff penalties are the rule. Current prison sentences range from 4 to 6 years for soft drugs sales; up to 7 and more years in cases where users/sellers had been found to introduce minors to the habit; and over 10 years for full-time traffickers.

Barcelona police spokesmen do not recall any recent examples of foreign -including US- soft drug users getting jailed. But in 1999 there was one polemic case involving an Austrian tourist, Roland Hirscher, arrested at the city airport with 8 hash tablets, totalling 1900 grams, in his luggage. Hirscher (54) had made no attempt to conceal the tablets, and said the cheap price of the offer by “a certain Mohammed, on a Barcelona street I can’t remember” had tempted him to stock up, as he was using some 50 grams per day. A first court accepted this explanation and acquitted him. But on the prosecutor’s appeal, the regional court qualified him as a trafficker and passed a verdict of 4 years in prison plus a fine of over 5000 US dollars.

A stickie for smoking, in Spanish, is a “porro para fumar”. A small amount for personal use is “una china”; and a not too big tablet of 100 grams or less is called (in Catalan, the regional language of Barcelona) “una barreta”. Marijuana keeps its own name, though younger people often abbreviate it to “Maria”, or use the equivalent of shit in Spanish: “mierda”. Because most of the stuff comes from Morocco, also the imported names of “grifa”, “kif” and “kosto” are normal in Spain.

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webehigh does not recommend that you: Do not Be too obvious about smoking. Try to keep to yourself and avoid public dispute with dealers. Shopping in groups is most recommended when going to one of the city dealers.