Barbados, Barbados

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 3

Legislation: Like all other Caribbean islands weed is illegal. They mainly target growers but fines for getting caught are around 100$US (200 $BDS) to 200$US (400$BDS) depending on quantity.

Law enforcement: Generally they don`t trouble tourist but if you’re stupid and do it in the open they will catch you. Road blocks are rare (I have yet to run into one..*knock on wood*). You`ll find more police on the South Coast than anywhere else because most of the hotels are located there. If you do run into police just be nice (they can be real nasty if you give attitude) 90% of the time they have a relative or friend that does smoke. I have heard you can bride them (and if doing so use $US) but since I have no had run-ins with them I can`t speak from experience.

Where to buy marijuana: Speaking as a local (Canadian born but lived here all my life) DON’T buy from The Gap on the South Coast. You`ll get either 3 things..(1) weed laced with Coke. (2) Ass-crack weed (weed that was smuggled in someone’s ass) or (3) generally poor weed. There are some good places to get on the South Coast just look for a not-to-shabby Rasta and he can hook you up or just ask a young local late teens-20`s. The best place to get is on the East Coast from any group of guys you see hanging around a corner just have some sense and dont let them scam you.

Marijuana prices: Prices range from 50$US – 80$US for a 1/2 ounce

Vincy – $50US a 1/2 oz

Local – $60US a 1/2 oz

Jam (Jamaican) – at very most $80US a 1/2 oz

Marijuana brands: Most common here is Vincy (Weed from St. Vincent) but you can also get Jamaican and Local.

More information: It is sometimes referred to as grade (as in high grade). No one that smokes here calls it ganja or marijuana. Just say weed.

Was surprised not to see St. Vincent as they are one of the largest producers of weed in the Caribbean second only to Jamaica of course.