Bar Harbor, ME, Maine

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 4


Law enforcement: Park Rangers do walk around in Acadia National Park, but they never go off the beaten path, so they’re easy to avoid. There is no crime in Bar Harbor, so there are a lot of idle cops wandering around at all times, so watch out for them or they’ll give you trouble. Also the town is 90% tourists in the summer, so don’t worry about anyone not in a police uniform.

Where to buy marijuana: In the summertime, you can always find weed in the Village Green, which is located in the middle of downtown. There is a stone bench at the very end of the Village Green where stoners always hang out. You can also try the shore path where stoners usually go to toke up. In the winter the town is virtually abandoned, but you can still find weed on the College campus, which is a notorious hippy college (3/4 of the students will have dreads).

Marijuana prices: Mersh: 25-35 = 1/8

B.C: 35-40 = 1/8

Other: 45-50 =1/8

Marijuana brands: Most weed in Bar Harbor is shitty mersh, so you have to either know someone, or look hard to get any decent bud. B.C. is the most common of these, withother rare strands circulating every now and then.

More information: Bar Harbor is inside Acadia National Park, which was rated one of the top 5 places to smoke in the country, so go on a hike and have some fun.