Banff, Canada

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 4.5


Legislation: Canadian law in 2003 was changed so that marijuana was de-criminalized which allows any one person to carry up to 14 grams of weed or hash with out reveiving a crimal record as this was his personal consumtion amount.

If cought you will receive a fine equal to a drinking in public ticket witch is different Provence to Provence but runs around 185 Canadian.

Law enforcement: Banff is one of Canada’s main tourist spots and is also a National Park which means it is policed by federal police the RCMP.

Don’t let this scare you off as RCMP have alot more to worry about then you smoking a joint and they have a reputation of being alot more “understanding” then local police.

Most RCMP if they catch you with weed under 14 grams will dump it out and tell you to go on your way. Just be polite and you should have no problems.

As far as smoking goes it is generally accepted (and usually participated in) by the majority of the population. Police care more about harder drug enforcement, or sellers, and generally won’t bother smokers.

Where to buy marijuana: Anywhere. Ask someone, anyone, in a shop, your waiter, dude on the street, or just follow your nose. Most everyone is very approachable and laid back, helpful and nice.

Banff is a small town run by young Snowboard and ski bums which about 99% of use some sort of drug. Banff is home to some of Canada’s best weed as it’s the first stop from BC to the rest of Canada (BC being the number 1 exporter of Canadian weed).

All weed in Banff is from Nelson nothing is home grown and it’s all hydro.

If there in the Winter and you’re on the mountain Sunshine (Banff’s best mountain) snowboarding or skiing, off the run called “Jack Rabbit” right after the first right turn there’s a spot through some trees off to the left where there is a shack known to locals as the “puff shack” ask any local and they’ll know or even the Mountains staff as they would rather have you smoke there then on the runs.

Once there you’ll run into the smoking family and will have no problem finding weed, hash or connections for anything else later on.

If not boarding or skiing, Banff is a small town walk around Banff Ave go into shops (example Rude Boys, Foot Locker, Unlimited….) where young people work and ask the staff where you can find some, as long as you don’t just walk through the door walk up and it being your first question, if you buy something or get them to help you and then work it into the conversation chances are someone working there sells it or at least can direct to a good friend or theirs.

Everyone in Banff lives there to party and ride the mountain no one is ever born and raised there or lives there forever, people are friendly and always willing to help a fellow stoner. In summer just do as the people who would come in the winter and not go riding (going to shops and asking locals).

a local reporter added: “Ask in the local shops. Best place I found was at Rose and Crown. Great place to hang out and great menu. once you get there, you’ll understand why this is a great starting point.”

Marijuana prices: Here’s the prices, they rarely fluctuate at all…. the only time they might be lower is if it’s a poor batch of weed or if supply is low and you don’t have a good connection (ie tourist rip off).

Anyway… set prices: (the lower indicates ‘friend’ price, the higher regular price)

1 gram = 10

1/8 = 25-30

1/4 = 50-60

1/2 = 90-100

1oz = 170-200

1/4lb = 600-650

Prices are generally a bit higher than anywhere west of Banff, in BC, but about 2/3 of Banff pot is grown in Nelson, a good chunk out of Calgary, none grown locally.

Brands: All the comman popular ones for the area…

blueberry, grapefruit, ak47, white widow, northern lights, skunk, bc bud, white rhino, others come through now and then. quality is usually consistant and excellent.

Banff is home to a wide selection of weed. BC Bluebarry comes through all the time and that is the best you can get. As well Purple Haze, White Widow and AK-47 are very common to come across as well, people know their weed there just ask what your buying and they’ll tell you. You can come across all the good brands. Hash comes around alot but it’s mostly Bubble hash not that it’s not good it’s just the only kind that goes around.

More information: If you’ve been walking around all day and are still stuck with no weed which I think would be a freak of nature. Go out at night to the bar called the Rose and Crown (corner or Banff Ave and Caribou St) it’s a low key bar with pool and a great juke box lots of locals go here as the clubs are a rip off and very touresty. Go there for some drinks to start the night talk to locals and you’ll find some for sure if u havn’t already seen people smoking joints in the smoking area right before the enterance.