Baltimore, MD, Maryland

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 4 in city, 3 in suburbs

Legislation: The state of Maryland has medical marijuana laws enacted. Possession or use of any amount of marijuana is punishable by up to one year in jail and a fine of up to $1,000. For any second or subsequent conviction, the sentence may double from that for a first offense.

Maryland is one of the strictest states in the country. It has a medical marijuana defense (used in court) but it is not on par with the laws of any of the other 10+ medical marijuana states. ” Maryland’s legislature passed a medical marijuana affirmative defense law in 2003. This law requires the court to consider a defendant’s use of medical marijuana to be a mitigating factor in marijuana-related state prosecution. If the patient, post-arrest, successfully makes the case at trial that his or her use of marijuana is one of medical necessity, then the maximum penalty allowed by law would be a $100 fine.”

Law Enforcement: Most cops in the city will not care whatsoever about marijuana, but in the county it’s a little different. They’re looking in the county for heroin and cocaine, so if you keep your smoking chill and don’t make yourself stand out you’re pretty safe. If you get sloppy and are noticed, by smoking pot on the street or making a deal, they will most definitely arrest you then and there unless you can give them good intel on powders. If they find even the slightest bit of old, flaky, ressed up pot they’ll charge it.

another reporter added: “Police within Baltimore City are too busy with real crime to worry about pot. In my experience those caught with a small stash (under an oz.) within the city limits usually are let off scot-free, and often the officer doesn’t even bother confiscating the weed. Those caught with a large amount or who are caught dealing are often arrested.

The outlying suburbs in Howard, Anne Arundel, Carroll, Harford, and Baltimore Counties have their own police forces, and are less likely to tolerate any drug use. Also, not found in the city but around the suburbs, the Maryland State Police have a reputation for zero tolerance on drugs. If you are caught with pot, you will be arrested. But as long as you don’t advertize your weed smoking and use good judgement, you should be fine.”

Where to buy marijuana in Baltimore MD: Pikesville, Owings Mills, Park Heights, Millford Mill, they are all different places in the county but all within a 5-20 minute drive to the city. If you stay in the county to cop buds, go to movie theatres and malls, places where there’s stuff going on. Most of the people under 25 anywhere in the county blaze, so you can ask around without too much worry. Check gas stations if you’re closer to the city, they usually have dealers hanging around. If you can’t find any, go to Hampden. It is technically in the city and is almost a free zone, crime runs free. The avenue is the main street going through Hampden, walk around for 5 minutes and you can find any drug you could ever want, but only use it as a last resort because a lot of people around there like to burn and jbeat the shit out of anyone possible. Check out for cops, as long as you’re not noticeable there’s no chance of getting arrested. If Hampden cops do find pot on you, they’ll let you walk and may or may not confiscate it.

another reporter added: “Baltimore is a mecca of illegal drugs, and marijuana is no exception. While it is possible to buy on the street, it can be very dangerous if you don’t know the neighborhood and you are more likely to end up with schwag. It helps to know someone in the area who has reliable sources.

That being said, there are plenty of places for the stoner tourist to look for a hookup. Fells point is a short walk east from the Inner Harbor and Downtown. Watch out for all the panhandlers, but some of the rasta-looking guys you see walking around might be able to hook you up.

You might be able to meet someone who can hook you up at one of the downtown nightclubs like Power Plant Live and the Iguana Cantina. These places are packed every weekend by people ages 18-25 who are looking to get inebriated. Finding someone with weed shouldn’t be too hard.

Charles Village, a yuppy/artsy neighborhood just north of downtown, has many cafes and bars that are populated by cannabis-friendly young folk. That would be a relatively safe place to look.

Towson, an upscale commercial center 15 minutes north of downtown, has several college campuses in its vicinity. The nearby Recher Theater has a lot of underground indie, punk, and emo shows, so finding someone with bud at one of those concerts is not out of the question.

The important thing is, use good judgement, but don’t be afraid to ask someone to help you out. Weed is all over the place, you just have to know where to look.”

Baltimore marijuana prices: Low mids/shwag – $5 a gram, $10 for 2.8 grams, $25 dollars a quarter, $45 dollars a half, $70 an ounce Regular Middie – $10 a gram, $50 a quarter, $80 a half, $120-$140 an ounce Beaster – $15 a gram, $45 an eighth, $80 a quarter, $150 a half, $280 an ounce Outdoors, KB, headie – $20 a gram, $50 an eighth, $100 a quarter, $180 a half, $300-$350 an ounce Acapulco Gold, SJ Cruzer, California Mist, Orang and Mango Kush – $25 a gram, $60-$75 an eighth, $125-$150 a quarter, $225-$275 a half, $400-$550 an ounce

Prices are fairly competitive, and as a rule they go up the further you are from downtown.

Schwag: 1/8 for $20-25, 1/4 for $35-40, 1 oz. for $90-100

Mids: 1/8 for $35, 1/4 for $70, 1oz. for $150

KB: 1g= $20, 2g= $35, 1/8= $45-50; 1/4= $90-100, 1oz.=$200-300

Brands: Schwag tends to be brick-pack Mexican weed.

Mids are often locally grown, much of it coming from nearby Maryland and Pennsylvania farms. Jamaican redhair and skunk are fairly common.

KB brands vary from locally indoor grown or imported BC bud, but you can find just about anything in this city. I have seen White Widow, blueberry, AK-47, Northern Lights, etc. Expect to pay more for novelty brands like purple haze or strawberry cough, like $60 and 1/8.

I have lived in the Baltimore area my entire life, and I have come across hash only once here.

another reporter added: “Baltimore County really has any pot you could ever want because most everybody smokes, all the demand buds like purple haze and sour diesel and cali mist are everywhere and other stuff you wouldn’t ever expect is around as well. New, insane buds pop up all the time.”

More information: Baltimore is the meeting place of several major interstates: I-95, I-70, I-83, and I-97, and is also second only to New York as one of the largest seaports on the East Coast. Its strategic location makes it one of the major hubs of the illegal drug trade on the east coast. Heroin and cocaine have devastated many of the inner-city neighborhoods, and crime is rampant in many parts of the city. Caution is always due when exploring Baltimore, since you can go from safe neighborhood to dangerous neighborhood by simply crossing the road. It is best to explore with someone who lives here and is familiar with the area. Putting dangerous crime aside, Baltimore has a little bit of everything to suit everyone’s tastes.

The Inner Harbor and downtown area has lots of shopping, eating, and entertainment to keep the “just-passing-through” tourist occupied. Harborplace is a two-building mall complex that has lots of specialty shops. The Maryland Science Center, the National Aquarium, Fort McHenry, and the Walters Art Gallery are all points of interest to the intellectual stoner. The Babe Ruth Museum, Oriole Park at Camden Yards, and M & T Bank Stadium are all within walking distance for the sports fan. If you get the munchies, check out the Rusty Scupper or City Lights for some authentic Maryland crab cakes. Vellegia’s and Della Noche are also two restaurants worth checking out in Little Italy, sandwiched between the Harbor and Fells Point.

There is also plenty of nightlife in Baltimore. Check out the 40-plus bars along Fells Point’s cobblestone streets. Downtown also features several dance clubs and lots of little live music venues. If you visit my city, be careful, but have a great time!

Just don’t be sketchy and don’t call anybody a bitch, and your dealer will probably spark a dutch with you.