Bakersfield, CA, California

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 4


Legislation: Proposition 215 in California since July 19, 2002, also known as the Compassionate Use Act of 1995, legalizes medical Marijuana use: “The possession and cultivation of marijuana is no more criminal — so long as (the law’s) conditions are satisfied — than the possession and acquisition of any prescription drug with a physician’s prescription.” CA Chief Justice Ronald George.

Law enforcement: you can walk down the street puffin on a blunt and the cops won’t bother you unless they don’t have something better to do. most of the time they just take your weed. but you can get a $400 dollar ticket for anything under an ounce. 30-90 days on the farm for an ounce but you can get caught with a pound and you will get early release because california prisons are packed and theres no room for people with weed charges.

Where to buy marijuana: there are like 4 weed stores in bakersfield, if you hold 215 medical card. if you don’t it’s not hard to find some one who does.the stores have anything from dirt weed to canibus cup sometimes but there’s a lot of good dank. if you can’t find any go to 40th and qst. in the willows at the apartments you can find nicks and dimes of shwag. be carefull and watch your back because theres is a lot of shootings and mugings there. you can also go downtown to 19th and chester or 24th and chester at the g.e.t. bus station ask around and you might find some dank

Marijuana prices: $5 gram shwag

$15 8th shwag

$30-$40 oz . shwag

$25-30 half 8th cronic

$90-$100 4th cronic

$400 $450 oz . cronic

but haggle

Marijuana brands: Trainwreck, orange kush, purple, blueberry, silver haze,sour disel. and mexican brick weed that can at least put wyoming weed to shame.

More information: check out johns burger they put anything on a hambuger