Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 5

Legislation: There are really no laws that prevent anyone from asking anyone they see for it.

Law enforcement: martial law/ none

police are easy to bribe and may be able to tell you where to get a bag for the right price.

Where to buy marijuana: Go up to most any civilian military contractor, at a good time, and just ask! Also many local nationals who work with US armed forces will run out and get you whatever you want just to be a nice guy! Also. if you just happen to be in the military, theres always that one dude in HQ thats getting that shit mailed to him…just gotta make friends!

Marijuana prices: extremely negotiable

Marijuana brands: unknown

More information: also mad prescription pills/ anyting you want

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  1. UnTai

    Does anyone know if there will be seeds aviblaale? Or maybe clones? i ve never been to a hempcon and am curious if there is going to be actual legal advice for the grower. as the laws are very vague and extremely unclear as to really how much you can or cannot grow and what paper work you need to grow on a descent scale to provide for medicanal clinics as well as myself. thanx and really looking forward to the event.



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