Avon, IN, Indiana

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]:

Legislation: Indiana is allegedly “God’s Country,” which means anything fun is considered evil. If you get rolled with any reasonable amount of weed (even as little as a couple grams), you could be fucked. It’s a crap shoot depending on the cop and the neighborhood, but definitely don’t carry more than a couple bowls worth if you can help it.

Law enforcement: The cops are predominately meathead, high school vigilantes. All the guys they used to pound on are making money now, so they become cops to rough people up and feel important and authoritative. If you get a level-headed cop who realizes there are more pressing issues than busting balls on some stoners, he might let you slide, but they will ALWAYS take your stash and any and all paraphernalia. Beware the of asshole, redneck cops. They are looking for any reason they can to fuck you up.

Where to buy marijuana: In Avon, buying weed is entirely contingent on who you know. There aren’t really big hang out spots where you can score. Bars are always a decent bet, people smoking cigarettes outside, etc. Usually a trip to Broad Ripple (25 minutes or so) is in order. Pizza King is worth a shot on weekend nights.

Marijuana prices: Pretty typical price wise for a midwest suburb. 50 bucks should get you a decent eighth, some chronic might be a little more. Bottom line, if someone has really good shit, they can gauge all they want. If the weed is good, people will pay. I’ve never heard of anyone paying more than $75 for an eighth, however.

Marijuana brands: Primarily mids. Occasionally you may run into some Sour Diesel, some Kush, whatever someone brings into town from a vacation. When Chronic is available, you have to move fast because in a suburb full of bored teenagers, it gets gobbled up quick.

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