Austin, TX, Texas

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 4.6

Legislation: Recent legislation has demoted cannabis possession from a Class A felony to a Class B misdemeanor. This basically means that an officer would have the option of either ticketing you or bringing you into the county jail. All this assuming you are carrying less than 2 ounces.

Law Enforcement: For the most part, police in Austin are more concerned with harder crimes. Smoking on the street is easily commonplace, and youre likely to never encounter police on the sidewalk. All political correctness aside, the only you’re going to get caught is if you’re a minority smoking blunts while driving around on the Eastside. Otherwise, you’re A O.K.

Where to buy Marijuana in Austin, Texas:

“Weed is not hard to find in Austin, you just

have to know where to look. some of the better places include: Red River

street, great place for asking people where to get hookups, Guadalupe or the

drag is also a great place to look for dealers, campus, there are a bunch of

students there that have hookups. Campus can be a little pricey sometimes

though. Just asking drunk people is also a great way to get some connections

too. people in Austin are always friendly so don’t be shy when asking

around, pretty soon you’ll find someone who knows what they’re talking


and also:

“Trying to score downtown is a gamble. For one, you don’t know what you’ll get and you don’t know about the people you’re dealing with, so only attempt that if you’re desperate. The best place to score is around the West and North Campus (University of Texas) areas. Walk around West Campus any night and ask the kids you see. However, your best bet it probably to go to any of the myriad local coffeehouses and ask any reasonable and chill looking fellow for some ‘help’. ”

and also: “If you are smoking in Texas, there is no better place to check out but Austin. Also, if you want pot, got to 6th street and ask around. Also, check out the coffee shops on the University of Texas campus. Walk around the campus at night and ask around and you will score.”

Austin, Texas Marijuana Prices:


1/4 – $20

1/2 oz. – $30

1 oz. – $40-$60


1/8 oz. – $50-$60.

1/4 oz. – $90-$120

and also: “For shwag 5-7 a gram

Most common prices for anything else is 20-30 a gram. Most of the shit here is extremely potent and homegrown. I’ve had weed where one hit got me baked. ”

Brands: Mexican or Fire Shwag is far less common that Kind Bud or Chronic. Most high quality strains come directly from some kid’s closet, either blueberry, northern lights, purple haze, AK-47, or myriad of other oddly named strains.

More information: Austin is a homegrown scene, much of the the budd is unique and extremely potent. If you’re smoking pot in Texas, you couldn’t be any where more hospitable and resourceful than Austin.

Marijuana in Austin is widely available. Mostly Indica though.