Atlanta, GA, Georgia

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 4

Legislation: Posession is an arrestable offense, although it is a misdemenor and usually results in fines and community service on your first arrest. Posession of more than 1 oz and cultivating/selling is a felony.

The laws in GA, as they are scripted are somewhat tough, however they are rarely enforced by the book in Atlanta. >28 grams=felony, any sale=felony

*Ga is one of the few states with “per se drugged driving law” which states that if you have any traceable amount of an illegal drug in your system while driving you are guilty of dui. This law is currently being challenged in the state supreme court.

Law Enforcement: Law enforcement in Atlanta is actually pretty lax. We’ve ridden through downtown blazin countless times with no problems. Like most modern big cities, the police force has much bigger problems to dedicate their time to. For the most part they have deprioritized cannabis.

In most cases if you are caught by the Atlanta PD with anything less than 1 ounce you will probably lose your stash, recieve a harsh verbal warning and be on your way.

If you are actually arrested, your charge will most likely be dismissed in court, since such dismissals have been a very common practice recently in the heavily overburdened municipal court system. Atlanta can be tricky though, because it falls under statutes for the state of Georgia, which are some of the harshest drug laws in the country, so if they want to throw the book at you and put you under the jail for a seed, they can, however this is extremely rare. You can blaze almost anywhere and nobody says much.

Smoking spliffs or blunts downtown is really not a problem, especially if your on foot, just be aware. I have no idea why the last report on this site gave Atlanta a smoking tolerance level of 1. I have lived in Atlanta all my life and I can tell you that is highly inaccurate.

Where to buy Marijuana in Atlanta: Little 5, is a cultural area of Atlanta with a very strong community. Your best bet is to go into a bar such as the Vortex and buy a beer, I reccomend Atlanta’s own Sweetwater 420 ale brewed by local hippies, and make a friend at the bar. Asking around might work here, but I don’t know how many people will be receptive and asking the wrong person could get you busted. Dreads are a good sign.

another reporter added: “Go downtown, especially If you don’t want to deal wth the snooty, upper class hippy hierarchy in little 5 points, which everyone assumes is “the spot” but is really just a tourist trap these days- a far cry rom the hash/dank mecca it once was. People in little 5 are real assholes too especially if your from outta town.

If you want the best, Definately go Downtown. The people here are much more accomadating and business like and they have MUCH better herb. Go to Auburn avenue area near the MLK historic site. This area is slightly ghetto, however your still right in the middle of the city. Look for young guys wearing white tees and fresh kicks.There are street merchants everywhere. They might seem sketchy at first but they are all about business and rarely engage in violent crime or robbery because they want your business, not your car or your wallet. It is not unusual for them to ask for a ride, because they are usually just middlemen.

Most are not trying to rob you, but really need a ride. Usually though, you can just ride through the projects slow and youll have guys wave you down, if this doesn’t work, just walk down Auburn and ask younger looking guys. The people here are surprisingly friendly and will go the extra mile to help you find what you need. Haggling is definitely welcome, and don’t be afraid to reject schwag or mids, tell them you want “Kush” or “Purps”. The Herb here is absolutely amazing! I have been to Jamaica, Amsterdam, and California and the strongest, most potent herb I have ever smoked has come from here. Beasters are also very common in Atlanta, as are schwag and mids, but why?”

Marijuana prices: The Herb is amazing but these guys know it’s the best. Be prepared to pay upwards to $650 an ounce for real Kush. This is the best bud in the city and quite possibly in the world. Usually it goes 20-30 per gram and 200 per quarter- worth every penny. Purps can go 120-150 a quarter. and 10-20 per gram. I wouldnt buy mids or schwagg.

Marijuana brands: Kush, Purps, Blueberry, Haze, SuperSkunk, Diesel, Afghan, Bubblegum

More information: Overall, Atlanta is a great herb city. Many people here smoke,You can smoke virtually anywhere, and unlike most cities you don’t need to be a celebrity or have any special connections to find the best herb.