Athlone, Ireland

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 2

Legislation: The cannabis legislation in Ireland has been changed in 2006. Cannabis is the only drug separated from the drug laws in Ireland. Every other drug is under Irish law apart of a drug schedule e.g Heroin, Crack, Cocaine etc is Schedule 1 and so on. Cannabis has a three strike system get caught once a caution twice second caution third court appearance.

Law enforcement: Like every other town in Ireland, It depends on the guards , anything up to a 100 bag and you might be let off and the bag taken away. However, with personal experience in Athlone, a friend of mine was brought to court with possession of just 1 joint Keep it discreet and stick to private places and you probably wont get in any trouble.

Where to buy marijuana: Alot of weed is available, generally try the local pubs with more youths hanging out, if not keep your eyes open and the right people will find you. However, alot of “soapbar” is around the town, so be aware of what it is before you buy. There is also a large amount of good weed so pay attention. There is also an awful amount of ‘ gel’ weed , where the buds are sprayed with a chemical while they are growing to make them damper and heavier , then when this drys it turns into a powder that looks like THC crystals, however it is easy to tell the difference and the gel dust isn’t that bad for you, just hurts your throat.

our local tells us: “From personal experience i can tell you every Friday evening/night outside golden island shopping center there is a large group of teens usually wearing black and smoking joints…ask any of them they can hook

you up with the best stuff in town. They get most of there stuff from galway. They have cronic and oil as well as lots of hash and pollen. They are the best way.(you might have to wait a day for chronic but you can get hash on the spot..they are lifelong suppliers

Marijuana prices:

3.6 grams – 50 euro

Half ounce – 150-175

ounce- 300-325


Marijuana brands:

Soapbar- Very common (bad to terrible)

Low grade hash – very common

low grade ‘brick weed’- very common

Normal outdoor weed- common

Normal okish hash- common

pollen – less common

High grade chronic weed- Rare

More information: if you dont see a group of youths wait 5 minuets..they will be around also dont be nervus there realy freindly nuthing to worry about