Amherst, NY, New York

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 3.5

Legislation: Marijuana is illegal in New York state, and so is any activity related to marijuana (possession, cultivation, and of course dealing).

For small amounts (less than 25 grams) first time offenders, there is no Incarceration, and a fee of $100.

Punishment for possessing a small but commercial quantity is 1-3 years (not less than 1, not more than 3).

Law Enforcement: The cops love to find and stop young people who they believe to use drugs. In this area the police will never look the other way. If you have a small amount they will bust you to the full extent. But if you know the law and your constitutional rights you can get out of an incident. Never let a cop search your car. Never have large pipes or bongs in the car. If you are approached by a police officer always stay calm and don’t look suspicious. If he/she asks you if they can search your car always say “no” and tell them it’s your fourth amendment right to unreseanable searches and seizures. This should get them off your back. Because most people get busted because they don’t know anything about the law and the rights they have.

Where to buy Marijuana in Amherst New York: Ellicot Complex, South Campus, Sweet Home appartment complex, wherever UB students live pretty much, though since I live on North campus(I’m at South Lake Village) and dont have a car I only buy at ellicot lol

Marijuana can be purchased almost anywhere in Amherst. If you are new in town you can go to the Boulevard Mall and ask some young people who look like the stoner type. Anything like tie-dye t-shirts and hippie clothing is a dead give away. You can also try the UB (University at Buffalo) college campus which is located off of Sweet Home Rd.

Also try the University at Buffalo(UB) dorms.

Amherst New York Marijuana Prices: $10 a gram: regs, middies, beasters; sometimes 30 for eighth but not everyone does that; a quarter costs $50-70 depending on the person

$20 for .8-1 grams(depending on the person selling), a $20 bag is called a dub or a simply a 20 bag, sometimes you can get $50 for 3 dubs: considered the good shit, this weed can be called headies or haze, and usually the dealer knows the name of the strain.

another report we have is: “Cheap/Dirt Weed

$5 for 1gr.

$10 for 2gr.

$60-65 for 1oz. (28gr.)

Mid. Grade/Okay Weed

$10 for 1gr.

$20 for 2gr.

$25-40 for 1/8th (3.5gr.)

$50-70 for 1/4th (7gr.)

$70-110 for 1/2 (14gr.)

$165 for 1oz. (28gr.)

Hydro/Best in Town

$10-15 for 1gr.

$20-25 for 2gr.

$40 for 1/8th (3.5gr)

$60-80 for 1/4 (7gr.)


$90-120 for 1/2 (14gr.)

$190-210 for 1oz (28gr.)


and another report we have is :”Middies and beasters cost about 10 per gram. Better stuff is 20 a gram.”

and also: “Recently: there was some nice dank i got an eighth of for $45, good regs(ok stuff, seedless of course) i got an eighth of for $35, and that stuff called silver haze i got .7 of for $20”

and :”An o in the Eliicot Complex on UB North Campus might cost $175 and have seeds, or it might cost $230 and be beaster quality

and: “Its not always $10 per gram anymore like a year a ago around UB.

At $35-40 for an eighth or $10 for about .9g quality varries, theres higher priced stuff like $45 an eighth or $10 for about .7g for nice stuff. $65 an eighth for piff aka fire aka decent but not that great haze which is a rip off. Headies, or that piff or stuff with names like haze or white widow, are $20 for about .7g.

Brands: That Orange Crush we did waterfalls with last night got me mad ripped, could have been the best stuff we picked up all stuff all semester, and we have gotten Jack Herrer, Super Hindu Kush, Juicy Fruit, Hawaiian XXX, Blueberry Kush. I even heard about some Northern Lights the other day. Of course sometimes the headies/haze doesnt have a name and then we just call it headies or haze.

More information: If you get the munchies Niagra Falls Boulevard is filled with restaurants and places where you can go eat. People are nice and friendly and hook-ups are easy. I also recommend you download the freedom card from it can help you if you get stopped by the cops.

Blunts are the prefered method of smoking for most UB stoners. If you promise someone you will smoke them up with a blunt, they will take you to someone who sells. Of course I am a student at UB, and I kinda look like a stoner, so someone else might have a harder time finding where to buy weed. Since I have been going to school at UB I have not found any seeds in my weed, most stuff is pretty good.