Albany, NY, New York

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 3.5

Legislation: Marijuana is illegal in New York state, and so is any activity related to marijuana (possession, cultivation, and of course dealing).

For small amounts (less than 25 grams) first time offenders, there is no Incarceration, and a fee of $100.

Punishment for possessing a small but commercial quantity is 1-3 years (not less than 1, not more than 3).

Updates from criminal justice officials in NYC:

“1- By law, you’re supposed to see a judge within 24 hours of arrest

2- 1st time small amount offenders are almost always offered to have their cases adjourned 1 year and dismissed so long as they are not rearrested. IN all likelihood rearrests in other jurisdictions will not have the case reoppened.

3- It is not a crime to posses small amounts, I do not have the exact weight off hand. It is only a crime if you pass a threshold weight, you have your weed in public view or it is actually burning.

4- They will arrest and prosecute you for residue: e.g., an empty pipe or bag.”

“Apparently one of our local senators recently recovered from prostate cancer, so now his eyes have oppened toward medical marijuana legalization, N.Y. has also made some decriminilization efforts, i.e. less than 25 grams, (almost an ounce), you will get off with a “violation” and a $100.00 fine.”

and also: “Posession of marijuana is decriminalized in NY, meaning, in all likelihood for small personal amounts you will be issued a civil citation akin to a traffic ticket. However, be aware that Albany County, the City of Albany, and other jurisdictions may have harsher penalties and fines. In particular, UAlbany will criminally prosecute any non-student caught selling or buying on campus for trespass as well as possession, sale, etc.”

Law Enforcement: I can’t speak for NYC, but here in Albany some of the cops are cool, but most will bring you in. I’ve never been in, but my frinds have, and i know guys who gone done. With Pataki’s right wing Bush loving ass, he fully suports the archaic Rockefellar laws, so local gov’t tries to look good for him. We need to get Spitzer in there…. 13th midicinal state?

another reporter added: “Cops are always looking for dealers, and it is has become somewhat of a silly game. They seem to hassle parole violators as they are easy targets.”

Police presence in Albany is relatively light in most areas since it is primarily concentrated in the Arbor Hill area.

Where to buy Marijuana in Albany: S. Pearl St , 2ND AVE AREA , Henry Johnson Blvd+Central. ,Madison Ave/ College District

another reporter added: “The West Side of the Downtown area. The street borders are HENRY JOHNSON, LIVINGSTON, CENTRAL, and PEARL. Any black dude in a down jacket is good to go. They sell dime bags for $10 (1″ ziplock) and the weed is really good indoor weed, I never got ripped off and was never disappointed. I stick to the older dudes in their 50’s, but they all know how to treat a customer.”

and also: “A sure bet is the Arbor Hill area, specifically, Clinton Avenue, Henry Johnson Boulevard, etc. Be aware that this is a predominately minority area so if you are white and well dressed you WILL stick out like a sore thumb and in all likelihood if you are there during the wrong time of day near the wrong type of people a cop, especially on bicycle, will ask you if you are alright. DO NOT SAY YES!!! It will arouse their suspicions. Tell them you’re from out of town and lost. Familiarize yourself with the surrounding area and tell them you got off the CDTA at the wrong spot. Bullshit them but make sure you are capable of doing so.

Also the “Student Ghetto” area near Quail street (Pine Hills) and Washington/Central/Western Aves (which run parallel one block from one another, respectively is a good place to buy, especially near Washington Park and Madison Ave. Look for people sitting on their porches or stoops. Make eye contact with them but wait for a sign, such as a wink or more likely, a greeting. Tread lightly, and you might end up getting hooked up with grass.

Lark Street is the cultural center of the town, frequented by Hippies, Rastas, Hipsters, Chicanos, Homeboys, “Rainbow” people, and all the usual smoking suspects. However, as a general rule there aren’t many dealers in this area until you descend into the Arbor Hill area (past Washington Ave). It is probably possible to get a connection or a smoke up in this area if you play your cards right.

Also, there are certain establishments in all of these areas, frequented by “townies” where they sell weed. Be careful as if you are young and look like a college student they will try to get the better of you by bait-and-switch or in some cases straight up robbery. Never go into a dark spot or corner away from people. EVER. At the same time, don’t stand out in the open and conduct business, either. Go inside a local establishment, a bathroom in particular, or a vehicle.

As for UAlbany, mostly referrals and networking is done to sell weed. However, I once walked into the wrong house on a referral and bought weed, cold call from another college student. When I found out later that it was the wrong house, I rationalized why the guy was freaked out and told me to stand on the porch.

Do not buy weed on campus in any open space. It’s stupid, and chances are there is a camera or “UPD” (University Police) nearby. Ironically, there is a wooded area with a lake on campus directly adjacent to UPD headquarters were what little of the cold selling that goes on on campus is conducted. Look for a lone person with no apparant purpose idling by himself, and apply the usual rules of engagement. Most people are in this area for fitness, but occassionally you can find an entrepreneur, especially toward dusk.’

the latest report we have carries a warning: “do not go to arbor hill if you are white! I am not racist but unless you no someone there you are taking your own life in your hands. They will rob your dumb ass.. this is the worst neighborhood in the entire city… if you do go go during the day!!!!!!!”

Albany Marijuana Prices: These vary so widely that it doesn’t really matter. Use conventional wisdom, generally no more than $20/gram for the kindest bud you can find. If it’s more than that, you’re getting ripped off. You can usually get cheap-o schwag from the ghetto for about $10 a baggie which is roughly an eighth ounce.

swag: 1/2 ounce= 80$ ounce=150$

dro: 1/2 ounce=140$ ounce=280$

Yumbolt: 1/8=50$ 1/4=100$ 1/2= 200 ounce= 400ish


ghetto schwag

white rhino

sour diesel

juicy fruit


northern lights (especially popular)

More information:

Every once in awhile, some good NYC shit comes up, stwaberry cough, diesal, etc. Also we get some amazing medicinal strains coming in from Vermont, also some good canadian shit. The mexican dirt weed you can get for cheap, is cheap. It’s all stem, fully seeded, and doesn’t barely hit. If you’re buying in weight, remember those seeds make up a shitload of weight!

Cops are ready to pounce on the dealers, but they all seem to know when things are bad.

And More information: chill town for smoking РWashington and Lincoln Parks are prime for smoking, however, Lincoln is located in proximity to a school, so less dealers frequent it and it is generally not advisible to smoke there since penalties are much stiffer. By the same token, while Washington Park is near a school, the East End of the Park, near the Lake, and Lark Street, is extra chill for toking up. It is advisable to use a joint or blunt rather than a piece, and these should resemble legitimate smoking aparati such as cigarettes or cigars as much as possible. I have smoked in broad daylight with my back against a tree and have not been bothered. I cannot say the same for you.