Aiken, SC, South Carolina

Smoking tolerance level: (1-5) 2

Legislation: Possession: Less than 1 oz – $566 fine or 30 days

More than 1 oz- $1000- $5000 fine and/or 1-5 years

Law enforcement: Cops in the city of Aiken are on patrol for young high school students. In most cases, police enforce the maximum punishment by law. The County Sheriffs are more lenient. They are concerned more about Meth production and will tend to let a few grams of marijuana slide.

Where to buy marijuana in Aiken: The mall area, South Side outside of conveinience stores, Work- it’s everywhere

Aiken marijuana prices:
Shwag- $40 1/2, $70 oz
Mids- $50 1/4, $80 1/2, $ 140 0z
KB- $100 1/4, $190 1/2, $340 oz

More information: The South Side of Aiken is known for the rich drug market due to wealthy neighborhoods and young kids with plenty of money to spend and nothing to spend it on but drugs.