Zurich, Switzerland

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 4

Legislation: Switzerland is a federal state and the law on drugs is the same for all provinces. According to the Swiss law- it is illegal to own or carry pot or hash, except for private smoking involving small quantities in a private place.

Law Enforcement: Smoking is usually not risky on most spots, as there aren’t really that many cops. . If you do get in trouble, the police will write you a ticket and fine. Teenagers under 18 who are caught smoking pot, will be arrested until released by their parents.

Near the lake is probably the least safe place to smoke outdoors, while smoking indoors is safe.

Where to buy Marijuana in Zurich: in CH there are no more head shop after 2004 (i live there)..its so difficult now to find anything!!!

Buying Mrijuana or hash on the street is not recommended, but if you get to the Langstrasse area (which is also the red light district of Zurich), you will find street dealers.

Zurich Marijuana Prices: 4 grams of top quality pot costs about 50 francs = 40 USD.

For the same price, you may also get approx. 7 grams of top quality Hash.

The prices in Zurich have been stable for the last few years.

Weed Brands: Only top quality pot is sold in Zurich, and you may find all Amsterdam brands for sale.

Country: Switzerland

Time Zone: GMT/UTC +1

Telephone Area Code: +41

Zurich isn’t just the largest city and financial centre of Switzerland; it is also the most drug-friendly city in the mountainous nation.

Like all cities in Switzerland, Zurich is enjoying a period of relaxed – an possibly reformed — drug laws that allow less-than-discreet pot and hash smoking around the city.

“Almost any drugs can be had on the street here. At the moment the scene happens along the river just near the station, a road called Sihl Quai,” said Wolf from the United States, who lived in Zurich for several months.

“Almost instantly you will run into a group of people selling hash. They stand on the sidewalk, just by a pedestrian crossing, waiting for customers.”

The best way to get to Sihl Quai from the central train station — Hauptbahnhof — is to head past the National Museum and over the Gessner Bridge that crosses the Sihl River.

If you can’t find a hash or pot dealer on the street, head for a local hemp or head shop, where both Super Skunk and Northern Lights bud is available in abundance. Keep an eye out for local dealers who have an unfortunate tendency to dilute their wares with tobacco. Still, locals swear by the hash.

“There are usually at least 5 to ten people selling hash — you get a reasonable choice,” Wolf said. “I have also seen some grass, but not a lot and mostly miserable quality.”

The Langstrasse area is the red light district of Zurich. “Sometimes you have to pay attention so that you don’t get robbed and there are drug dealers,” said Gabe, an American living in Zurich. “Remember, where drug dealers are, there is always also the police. So take care what ever you do.”

Aside from the typical red light diversions, the district is a decent place to find some hash or a post-smoke falafel before nightfall in Zurich. Because rent in the area is surprisingly cheap — by Swiss standards – a lot of immigrants live near Langstrasse, which translates to a lot of highly edible, cheap eats to fix the munchies.

But be sure to keep a hand on your wallet. If hunger isn’t a problem, wander down to Helvetia platz at one end of Langstrasse and check out the Kanslei flea market on Saturday. Although most items are simple junk, there are a few good deals to be found. But if slightly more expensive market shopping is your style, a more costly market with better junk is at Burkli platz by the lake and a high-class market can be found in Rosenhof. But don’t skimp on the tram or bus tickets in Zurich. “You have to take a ticket our of the machine at every station, Gabe said. “If they catch you will have to pay [almost $10] or more if you don`t pay on the spot.”

Nearby Neiderdorf is the main drag for traditional tourists. Lined with a nice selection of bars and some talented street performers, Neiderdorf also hosts the young and hip section of Old Town on the right bank of the river.

Head to the area for a few — rather expensive — drinks during a night out on the town.

While it is technically illegal to light up that hash pipe while kicking back and taking in the sights, most police officers and locals will turn a blind eye and nose to your heavily scented smoke as long as your indulgence is subtle, and you’re over 18. If you do get in trouble, the police will write you a ticket and fine. Teenagers under 18 who are caught smoking pot, will be arrested until released by their parents.

The Swiss Federal Office of Public Health and the Federal Commission for Drug Issues are both pushing for liberalization of the nation’s drug laws to make dealing and smoking pot and hash a legal pastime.

“Altered habits of consumption have turned [cannabis] into a recreational drug enjoyed by a large percentage of the population, unaccompanied by any feelings of wrong doing and a world away from the consumption of ‘hard’ drugs,” the office of Public Health said.

The government is currently debating whether to adopt a system making personal consumption legal — similar to the situation in Amsterdam – or establish a completely legal cannabis marketplace.