Yunan, China

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 4

Legislation: Marijuana in china is still considered illegal. But since it is available in China because people use it for hemp, as long as youre not open about it, you can get away with smoking there.

Law enforcement: I’ve talked to the police in Yunan, believe it or not. They said no one really smokes weed in china. The villagers eat the seeds and use marijuana for hemp. They simply just throw the buds away/

Where to buy marijuana: you cant buy weed there. BUT. i kid you not that it naturally grows out in the mountains. I was visiting one of my uncle’s friends, and i saw a marijuana just on the side of the road. since i went during july, it wasnt budding season, so there were no buds. if you go around november and december, i guarantee youll get some serious if not exotic types of weed. You can even take a travel in the mountains and take the weed yourself, though chinese people will think youre a bit weird doing that, but hey, youre just trying to get stoned.

Marijuana prices: none. if you can find it you can smoke it.

Marijuana brands: i saw a five foot marijuana stock, and i guarantee its some exotic type.

More information: i had a lady come up to us selling us seeds. she told us shes been eating them ever since and she’s 88 years old to live to tell us. weed is definitely here you guys. and if you want it free, i would def take a look in yunan the weed in the mountains are untouched and naturally grown. the thing about yunan is that the weather never gets cold, even in the mountains. its always moist and humid sometimes so the bud must be dank.