York, United Kingdom

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 3

Legislation: In Britain cannabis is a class c controlled substance, this means that the police do have the power to arrest you and technically you can be taken to court.

Law enforcement: however small quantities for personal use is normally dealt with on the street unless you have previous convictions

Where to buy marijuana:

City Centre

in the museum gardens check at the pavillion by the bowling green, the far left hand corner of the gardens by the wall and marygate just past the old building now used as a event room is called caner’s corner, and also around the abbey ruins and st leonards hospital ruins. check all of these places for a group of young people who you can recognize from the smell of weed and the sheer number of them all sat in a group, they are normally a mix of s and general stoners and are not the groups of emo’s and chavs. minster gardens also have some green in similiar circles. go down by the river foss just off the inner ring road and you will see a tunnel with graffiti on a friday night you can score here, also try the ings down by the river ouse.

outside of the city acomb shops near farmfoods go down the alley to the bollards


kingsway north and clifton shops, burton stone lane


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phonebox in the groves opposite the pub


not really worth the risk to be honest…. just ask around

Marijuana prices: york tends to sell eigths upwards but you can find a teenth with perserverance


teenth – 10.00 – 12.50

eigth – 20.00 – 25.00

quarter – 35.00 – 50.00

half oz – 60.00 – 80.00

ounce – 110.00 – 160.00

york normally only sells high quality strong green

Marijuana brands: Californian Orange

White Widow



Purple Haze

More information: don’t forget if you can’t find a dealer and someone goes and sorts you out you need to give them a spliff for doing it for you!