Xiamen, China

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 3

Legislation: Most educated locals are very ignorant when it comes to drugs in general and categorize it with heroin and the like. The advantage of having such an uninformed public is that the law enforcement know little about marijuana, its smell and look.

Law enforcement: Foriegners are few and far between in Xiamen, as with many of the smaller areas in China. As a result, the law enforcement treat tourists very well and are much more leniant than they are with locals. Nonetheless, it is unadvised to flaunt MJ in public. Be descreet and smart about it and you’ll be fine.

Where to buy marijuana in Xiamen: All around Xiamen there are young guys who hand out business cards with scantily clad women on them advertising ‘massage’. They are by far the best connected and informed. When they approach you to try and sell thier services (If you are a foriegner, especially a male, they will definitely come to you and are usually hard to get rid of) decline and ask if they can get you some weed instead. People who speak english are extremely limited in Xiamen, so you will have to mime. The Chinese for weed is “Daa Ma”, say that along with miming what you want.

Xiamen marijuana prices: Very easy to get ripped off, but you are looking at around 500-800 RMB ($60-$100) for about 5 grams. But wieght and quality vary. The locals always jack up the prices for tourists, whatever you are buying, so be sure to bargain.

Brands: Usually mid-level bud.

If you’re lucky you’ll get a hold of the black hash similar to the type sold in Shanghai. It’s a better smoke than the regular weed.

More information: Xiamen is very similar to many of the smaller cities in China so the advice applies to them as well (such as Guangzho, Shenzen, Donghuan). If you have no luck with the locals try asking any of the foriegners. As always, get a feel for the person before straight out asking, but at most they’ll just give you a cold NO.

One of the best areas to find the young, card giving men is near the Marco Polo hotel in central Xiamen. There is the highest population of foriegners in that area so they always hang around trying to sell thier so called massages.