Wuerzburg, Germany

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 3

Legislation: In 1994, a Supreme Court decision decriminalized the possession of small quantities of soft drugs for personal use. However, Bayern was not too happy with this decision, and they have interpreted it as narrowly as they can. Possession of any amount under six grams is decriminalized; anything more is illegal. Selling is strictly illegal, even small amounts.

Law Enforcement: There is a police training academy in Wuerzburg, and for this reason, the city has an unbelievable number of cops who perform their duties with typical German thoroughness. The police do not actively look for people who are smoking; however, they do try to bust sellers, and they take a very hard line towards anything other than cannabis. Smoking in public is safe at night, in an area that isn’t crowded, as long as you’re discreet about it; Germans usually mind their own business.

The park is a safe place to smoke at night, for example; indeed, any street should be safe at night. But doing it during the day is asking to get hassled. If you should get caught smoking, or with a small amount, you’ll probably be let off with a warning, but there are no guarantees.

Where to Buy Marijuana in Wuerzburg, Germany: Drugs of any kind are difficult to find in Wuerzburg; hashish is the only drug you can expect to find. Very few Bavarians smoke, even younger ones, and the ones who do are pretty paranoid about it; the friend-of-a-friend-of-a-friend who is the usual source in most of the world won’t usually hook up you, a stranger. The best bet, indeed the only bet, is to try students. German students are not usually a good bet unless you know them; even though drug laws in Bayern might seem lax to some foreigners, they are the strictest in Germany, and Germans are terrified of being hassled by the police. Ancestral memories, I guess. Foreign students are the safest bet, especially those who come from countries where a lot of people smoke (America, Canada, Spain, Ireland, Italy). Try a popular bar or club on a student night, or a student party. You might find someone who will be able to get some, although there’s a good chance you might have to wait a couple days. D roughts are frequent here.

Wuerzburg Marijuana Prices: Prices vary, depending on the quality, the quantity, how well you know the dealer and the number of middlemen between you and the ultimate source. Expect anything from five to eight euros for a gram of Moroccan; nine euros means either it’s an especially good batch or you’re being ripped off a bit. I’d recommend paying the nine–the supply is low, which can push prices up. Anything from eight to 12 euros is normal for a gram of Afghan, when it’s available (which is rare), and anything from seven to 10 for a gram of white widow. You can sometimes get a discount on large quantities, of more than 20 grams, but you’ll be lucky to find a dealer who can handle so big an order.

Wuerzburg Marijuana Brands: The only thing available most of the time is Moroccan hashish. The quality varies from batch to batch; it’s usually pretty good, although it’s often overpriced compared to the rest of Germany and Western Europe. Sometimes, you’ll find marijuana somebody got in Amsterdam; white widow seems to be the most common. This is always excellent. Very occasionally, you’ll find Afghani hash, which is always excellent, although you have to know how to break and roll it properly to get the full effect.

More Information: For a student town, Wuerzburg is surprisingly drug-free. Most of the students concentrate on their drinking instead, which is why there are so many student nights at clubs and bars with great deals. Enjoy your stay in Wuerzburg, and good look!