Windsor, United Kingdom

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 3

Legislation: Cannabis is still class C, so that means posession will have it taken off you with a verbal or written warning / caution, and possesion with intent to supply will mean some not-so-nice fines or jailtime.

Law enforcement: Windsor is full of police, even in the suburby areas – but they’re highly visible, and don’t seem to worry people too much unless they’re smoking outdoors. Keep the smoke to yourself and you’ll be ok.

Where to buy marijuana: On the way downhill on the highstreet, there’s a black sign on your left somewhere near the bottom that says “library, batchelors acre” and a couple of other things. Turn down the alleyway, then go to the left down the road and you’ll come straight to a park. Occasionally you’ll get street dealers sitting up there, but come on! This is Her Majesty’s town.

Alternately, there are a number of pubs RIGHT at the bottom of the hill. As you’re going down, pop into the last one on your right and ask around…

Marijuana prices: a straight 20 pounds for 1/8 (usually more like three grams though) of actually pretty nice stuff. Chances are you won’t find resin among the younger stoners, but the people in pubs might be good for a bit. Be really friendly! It’s doubtful that anyone will mind.

More information: Shake hands with old dave, the busker. It’s just him, sitting down, with his guitar – old grizzled fellow, nicest guy you’ll meet in the town. Be sure to tell him he got a mention here. complete legend.