Windhoek, Nambia

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 4

Legislation: As in most places, smoking in Namibia is against the law, which rightly doesn’t prevent anyone anywhere. It is widely used by locals of all races, languages and creeds.

Law enforcement: Windhoek is a very open city with many vegetated areas you can comfortably sit and toke away in without fear of law enforcement. It is important though to find a place that offers a view of the arrival of potential law enforcement troops. Getting caught can result in arrest, but can also often be dealt with an ‘offering’ of good faith, the true African way.

Where to buy marijuana: Low-grade Mijat (mee-dgud) can be bought at almost any parking lot of any shopping mall by asking the ‘car guards’, usually guys wearing lumo-orange jackets. But uppergrade buds, usually Swazi from South-Africa or chronic and # ,requires making friends with a few locals in the know, which can be done by asking almost any one of the local friendly party people you meet in the one of the clubs all mostly found in the Southern Industrial area. There is a very big, very established smoking community, so anyone you ask is bound to know a friend. Explaining your traveller status should be your passport to trust, as most people are very keen to make a new foreigner friend.

Marijuana prices: Lower grade mijat is as rediculously cheap as it is bad for your brain and memory, but gives giggles like nothing, but smoking too much makes you tired and sleepy. # can be bought for about 10U$ a gram and a bag of whatever is around should go for about the same.

Marijuana brands: Depends on what’s going on, but once every few months excellent quality Swazi does the rounds. Homegrown brands like AK47, Orange blossom etc also rears it’s head every now and then, but generally, you get bags of whats referred to as outdoor chronic. Pretty decent stuff and comes in quantity.

More information: People prefer smoking reefers to bongs, so get kitted with some papers and don’t carry bongs or incriminating evidence with you into clubs. Keep them save in a car or stashed somewhere to be reclaimed later.