West Lafayette, IN, Indiana

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 2

Legislation: – Under 30 grams: A Misdemeanor, up to 1 yr in jail, but usually results in 1 – 2 years supervised probation, drug classes, community service, etc… the usual bullshit.

– 30 grams to 10 pounds: D Felony, 1 – 3 yrs. jail, usually results in some house arrest and longer periods of supervised probation, fines, more community service, more bullshit.

– Possibility of conditional discharge on first offense.

Law enforcement: West Lafayette is a college town where very little real crime occurs. Cops here tend to focus on busting high school / college kids for underage drinking, P.I., or possession. Even when real crime is happening, the cops still choose to do the virtually effortless job of filing alcohol / marijuana cases. The pigs just got a few new K-9 units, so DO NOT SMOKE IN THE CAR while in the city. The safest places are private apartments, be careful in fraternities/dorms.

Where to buy marijuana: West Lafayette is a pretty conservative / closed city, so having connections helps. It is generally NOT safe to ask random college students, but many are nice and will help out in the purchasing process. Don’t necessarily ask people with the “stoner look”: Many of the stoners look straight-edge (dress nicely, well-groomed), while many of the “hippies” don’t actually smoke.

Marijuana prices: Prices are pretty bad unless you are well connected:

Schwag (called Middies, but really Schwag): $25 / 8th, $40 / quad, $100 – 150 / ounce

Middies (usually just higher quality, green brick weed): $35 / 8th, $60 / quad

Beastors (sometimes called Chronic by middlemen): $50 + / 8th, $100 -110 / quad, $ 340 – 360 / oz.

Chronic (called sixties, but not name brand): $60 / 8th, $110-120/quad, $350 – 400 / oz.

Name Brands (rare, need connections for this) : $60+ / 8th (I’ve even heard

of Maui Wowie going for $75), $400 + / oz.

Weed is expensive here so be prepared to spend a lot of money.

Marijuana brands: Generally generic weed is available. Ranges from brown brick weed ($20 / 8th) to Chronic and Chicago Dro ($60 / 8th). Name Brand weed is rare and only comes at certain times (unless you have connections): Blueberry, Maui Wowie, Trainwreck, White Widow, Purple Haze, Strawberry Kush. Most name brand comes from out of town (Chicago, Indianapolis, California, New York), although locally grown purple is available in season for a good bargain ($40-50 / 8th).

More information: Smoking and driving (colloquial: “Rasta”) is pretty popular with high school / college students, but must be done carefully. Stick to the county roads, S.R. 26 W or S.R. 25 N. Either drive west into the country (4 miles away from campus) or east into Lafayette (cops there don’t really care about weed, just don’t be blatant) and toke up. After finishing, make sure the car is odor-free before returning to West Lafayette. Tippecanoe County is a prosecution racket so be very careful in doing ANYTHING illegal (even downloading music).