Wellington, New Zealand

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 3.5

Legislation: Marijuana is illegal in New Zealand, and so is any related action (growing, purchasing, smoking etc.) possesion and being under the influence of marijuana is illegal in New Zealand but it’s really not that big of a deal. growing pot is a bigger offence but if you just have a few joints you wouldnt get in that much trouble. most cops would probably even just take it off you.

Law Enforcement: The penalties are as follows: New Zealand has a police caution scheme that they call “Diversion”, as in being diverted from the courts.

According to New Zealand Norml activist, “NZ has the honour of having the world’s highest arrest rate for cannabis – more than 50% higher than the US who are at #2. This is partly because we have the highest recorded rate of using cannabis, and also because there are few hard drugs here so the police have plenty of time to chase after pot smokers.”

Another reporter added: “Cops can be real d***s if you get in their face but won’t pursue anything particular. you would be safe to smoke in town or by the waterfront without getting any attention from anyone.

Where to buy Marijuana in Wellington New Zealand: There are quite a few dealing spots in town where you can pick up a few tins, but there are also a number of “tinnie shacks”, in the suburbs around wellington. you could try asking any “dodgy” looking people around manners mall or along courtney place where to score. Note: outside of the game arcades is a good spot.

In the suburbs a reliable scource is the Newtown Flats, in the suburb newtown. At the end of the street by the athletics park. Just ask anyone who looks like they smoke where to go.

It’s relitivly easy to score in wellington, just keep cool and stay laid back.

Dealers are very careful bordering on paranoid. There is plenty of pot around as the climate is excellent for it, but those without connections can find it very difficult to score.

In summary you could describe New Zealand as full of pot smokers and it is very socially acceptable, but be very careful of the police and be prepared for it to take a while to score. The best way for a tourist to get connected would be to get to know a local and ask them to score rather than hoping to meet a dealer on the street.

another reporter added: “Check local gig guides and radio for club nights, go have a dance, strike up a conversation and like as not, you’ll be sorted. Reggae gigs are, of course, the best…”


Tinnie(1 gram)- 20$

50 Bag(about 3 grams)- 50$

1/2 OZ(14 grams)- 150$

1 OZ(28 Grams)- About 300-350$

another report: “Pot prices – NZ$250-$300 ($140 US to $170 US) per oz for outdoor,

NZ$300-$400 ($170 US to $220 US) for indoor.

Pot is also sold in smaller quantities as “tinnies” which are NZ$20 ($11 US) for 2 joints, or a “$50 bag” which has enough for about 5-6 joints. ”

Brands: Dealers dont neccesarily say the name, but just check the pot before you buy it and it should be sweet as. I’ve never gotten ripped off from wellington pot before.

More information: ALOT of people smoke pot in wellington, so it shouldnt be too hard for you.

Country: New Zealand

Time Zone: UTC/GMT -10 hours to UTC/GMT +12 hours

Dialing codes: + 64 (New Zealand)

For more information on New Zealand from The National Organisation for the Reform of Marijuana Laws: www.norml.org.nz