Voronezh, Russia

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 4

Legislation: In Russia possesion, growing or any other activity is officialy prohibited.

Cannabis is completely illegal in Russia, although it is formally not a crime (only administrative violation of the law) to have less than 6 grams with yourself. Anyway, it will cause LOTS of problems if you get caught

Law Enforcement: Cities other that Moscow and St. Petersburg have corrupt police, who usually just take the pot, and will ask to pay a 20-60 dollar ‘fine’ which is really a bribe.

If you don’t pay they will take you to the local police station, where you will get a lot of problems. So better off to just pay the police.

Where to buy marijuana in Voronezh: At any VUZ(college) just ask young people where to get some TRAVA(grass) PLASTILIN(hashish) or SHISHKI(buds) People of Armenian or Asian appearence usually can help you out too.

But you have to know people to get the very good stuff.

Brands: Usually its wild weed, which can be very good.

Voronezh Marijuana Prices: 30 grams will cost from 10 dollars for bad grass and up for good grass

More information: Many other Russian cities of around 1 million population are similar.