Virginia Beach, VA, Virginia

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 2-4

Legislation: Possession of any amount without prior acccounts are punishable by 30 days in jail and up to a $500 fine. However if you buy a correctly weighed bag you might get bullshitted into yet another charge of intent to sell. Anything within 1000 yards of a school is a felony charge.

Law enforcement: Cops are scattered throughout the city well disguised. They more than often are oblivious to most of what avtually goes on. If You’re going to hotbox a car don’t sit in a single place on the side of the road. Also i happen to know a narcotics officer in the city and trust me they are good and don’t appear as anything more than just a normal person.

Where to buy marijuana: Go to the malls and walk around go eavesdropping. I reccomend going to Pembroke Mall at night there are tons of stoners that chill there. Sadly kids are dealing too, if you go down to the beach in the middle of the day from monday to friday you can usually find some kids skipping and cruising the boardwalk in a car. But that is sort of suspicious as the area is flooded with cops, especially during the summer. I recommend just going into the malls and watching around. However be careful as if you ask the wrong person you can and probally will get royally fu**ed. But it is basically the safest way unless you can network a connect in the city.

Marijuana prices: Mids- 1.5g-$10; 3.0g-$20; 1/8-$25; 1/4-$40-$50; 1/2-$80-$100; oz-$150-200

Heads(Name brand and nameless dank)- 1.0g-3.0g-$20/g; 1/8-$50-70; 1/4-$100-140; 1/2-$200-$280; oz-$450-$560

prices vary greatly depending on who you buy from and some people will skimp on bags so a scale is recommended

Marijuana brands: Most people just have mids though kush, widow, blue berry, orange kush, purps, and some un-named dank that is caked in crystals are quite easy to find if you know people though purps are quite sparce in supply and most people dont actually have real purps but they’re out there

More information: Stay moving and dont smoke outside in a poulated area. Don’t smoke anywhere on the beach as the beach is quite full parents who will call the cops. however after about 35th street a bunch of apartments and condos will start showing up on the main road that runs paralell to the beach, you can pull up into the courts on the beach side and park and hotbox if you have tinted windows or its dark as most people do this when they go to the beach. There are many spots around the schools that kids have developed as chill spots which are quite good to smoke at. These are ok but some have gotten hot since idiots have gotten caught there. Also look out in the more suburban parts of the city for new looking neighborhoods. Not too many adults smoke around here as the majority of the city is families and tourist. However almost 8 out of every 10 high school students around here smoke. So yeah if youre in desperate need they will be easy to find. But as i said bringing your own weed is a good idea and safe.