Vina Del Mar, Chile

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 3.5

Legislation: According to Chilean legislation, it is legal to consume marijuana in your home and to have a small amount for personal use, about 5-10 grams, and medical use is also allowed, but it is illegal to sell and buy. It´s also legal to plant in your house, as long as it´s for personal use. But it´s completely illegal to smoke in the street, although if you know where to do it, you probably won´t get caught, the beach, parks, cerros or hills (in Viסa as well as Valparaiso), miradores and/or residential streets are places you can walk by smoking and not have much of a problem, especially at night.

Law enforcement: Police here will most likely let you off with a warning if they catch you smoking in public or in a car, but if you´re caught selling or buying, you´ll get in trouble. If you get into some problems with the police you can try to talk your way out of them, but you should never try to bribe them, as Chilean police are the best in Latin America and won´t take them, not to mention you´ll get into more trouble.

If you´re here during winter you probably won´t even run into a cop, but during the summer it´s practically swarming with them since Viסa is a very touristic city, but if you don´t make a big deal about smoking you could smoke in places like parks, beaches, miradores etc. without a problem.

Where to buy marijuana: Most people here call their dealer and meet them somewhere or go to his house, and sometimes they´ll make house calls. If you don´t know anyone you can get some low quality “paragua” or “ponderado” downtown on Ave. Valparaiso, you can ask most suspicious guys and they probably sell, but I wouldn´t recommend the weed they sell there, it´s mixed with all sorts of shit and the high will be quick and un-natural

The best you can do is look for someone with any shirt related to marijuana, pot paraphernalia shops like “Psicoactivo” in the “Galeria Carrusel” in Ave. Valpariso and ask about the pipes and ask them if they can help you fill them, you can try this at most places there they sell pipes and stuff, or ask young people in Agua Santa near the pubs or the beach, or if you see or smell anyone smoking, which is actually quite common just ask them.

If you have a car or are adventurous, you can go to the interior, Limache, Quillota, Los Vilos or Cabildo to get alot of good weed from huasos, Chilean “cowboys”, sometimes they´ll try to rip you off and sometimes they´ll sell you good shit without even knowing it, can be hard to find, but they sell sackfuls.

Marijuana prices: Marijuana goes for

$1.500/gram (good quality weed)

$3.000/gram (excellent quality weed)

A rough estimate to dollars would be about

$85 an ounce (good quality weed)

$170 an ounce (excellent quality weed)

In the interior it goes for about $1.000 to $1.200 a gram, about 60 dollars an ounce.

Marijuana brands: You can easily find some sativa in Viסa which range from good to great, if you want some good old Amsterdam quality weed, you have to go to Reסaca where you can find purple haze, white widow, orange bud, super skunk, northern lights, ak-47 etc.

The problem is the dealers are more exclusive, normal dealers will sell you $5.000 (10 dollar) bags and sometimes $2.000 (4 dollar) bags, the dealers in Reסaca usually ask for $10.000 (20 dollar) or even $50.000 (100 dollar) minimum and are hard to find if you don´t know someone, and the dealers in Ave. Valpariaso sell $1.000 (2 dollar) bags but I wouldn’t recommend it.

More information: Additionally helpful info: the term for ‘buds’ in chile is ‘cogollo’, very handy to know. Also, april is the best time to buy (in abril cogollos mil)