Varna, Bulgaria

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 3

Legislation: illegal

Law enforcement: Law Enforcement: Policemen are very corrupt. Offering a 20 Euro by a person recognised as a foreigner would probably get you into deeper trouble. Usually they will start asking for 1000 Euro or more and will agree to let one go for no less but 100-200 Eu. And offering money before one is asked to give is generally not a good idea. So the better suggestion would be: NEVER smoke outdoors, unless you’d like to make a nice sprint.. But be aware that night patrol are usually quite fit.. and you’ll find it kinda hard to run away.. specially if ur high..

Where to buy marijuana: For a tourist.. hard.. try to look for some hard-looking 15-18 year olds (preferably dressed in dark, looking mean) in the Marine Park or in the centrum.. And as always.. smell is the best lead 🙂 If you can see someone who is clearly high.. ask him. Night clubs and discos are also a nice place to look.. If you’re staying somewhere in the neighbourhoods.. Vladislavovo, Vazrajhdane, Asparuhovo and some parts of Mladost are the places to look.

Don’t go for pseudo-gangsters.. with those bandanas and big T-Shirts on.. nor fat kids with “KoRN” T-shirts.. They might get you into trouble.

Marijuana prices: Prices of the common Bulgarian (grown outdoors) pot go from 0.5 euro to 1.5 euro per gram, but keep in mind that’s not high quality weed.. if you want something good it may cost up to 5 euro per gram (and u’ll most probably get ripped off (if ur a tourist, doh) so I suggest you go for the regular stuff). Hash is harder to find, so may cost more.

More information: If you can’t find any pot, buy Rakia.. it’s legal and very strong booze, so u’ll still have a nice time 🙂 Goes very well with Shopska Salata (a type of bulgarian salad)