Varkala, India

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 4

Legislation: Weed is barely illegal in India ; Hash is very illegal. This seems odd to westerners but, basically, “bhang” (weed) is used ceremonially by some Hindus. Hash/Charas is not and is considered a drug. Minumum penalty (if you dont bribe your way out of trouble): 10 years in an Indian jail. Dont get caught.

Law enforcement: As in most places, the cops are mostly interested in turning over users for a bit of cash. Bribe your way out before you get taken to a police station. In Varkala, the cops patrol the beach: dont smoke on the beach or they will nick you!

Where to buy marijuana: Ask the waiters in the cliff top restaurants and bars. I found a v nice guy down by the black sand beach (furthest north of the Varkala beaches).

Marijuana prices: Cheap! Should be about $1 or 2 a gram

Brands: Tasty, sticky keralan buds, seedy and leafy but cheap and fairly potent. Keralan weed contains THCV and makes for a very buzzy, electric high.

Some oil (of the very highest quality) is made in Kerala but it’s very hard to find

Some westerners bring hash/charas down from the Himalayas. Suffice to say not much makes it this far south and it will be expensive

More information: Weed in Kerala is mostly grown in the Forest Reserves, inland. Often in huge quantities. Yopu might try round Periyar.