Uhrichsville, OH, Ohio

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 4.5

Legislation: Possession of less than 100 grams of marijuana is a citable offense only, with a fine of $100. Possession of 100 grams or more is punishable by a fine of up to $250. For possession of 200 grams or more, the penalty increases to a possible sentence of 6 months – one year in jail. Possession of 1,000 grams or more is punishable by 1 – 5 years in prison. Any possession of less than 5,000 grams does not carry the presumption of prison, which leaves available the possibility of probation. Possession of 5,000 grams of marijuana or more is punishable by 1 – 5 years in prison. For any amount or 20,000 grams or more the penalty increases to a mandatory minimum sentence of eight years in prison.

Law enforcement: Cops don’t put up with any shit they see you doing something they will stop you, they smell pot they search your stuff. Don’t go to Dennison on the weekends at night because they will pull anyone over

Where to buy marijuana: UHmm around up town, or can get it anywhere; everyone trys to sell but theres bout one or two main people that always have it and have people around for them so.. and everyone smokes

Marijuana prices: 25-8th



125-160 -oz

400-480 QP

775-850 HP

1300-1450 Pound