Turku, Finland

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 3

Legislation: Categorized as a narcotic (not a hard one) since the sixties. A new law determines that Any attempt of growing,even attemptin to grow, owing pot,   and owning seeds is now illegal.

Possession is illegal, possession of over 5 grammes is with intent to distribute, fines (60€ up) are the most common method of handling cannabis, and jail time would be reached by mass distribution if anything.

Law enforcement: A small fine for use or possession of less than 15g marijuana or 10g hashish (the minimum penalty is 60€) A properly bahaving (and lucky) adult may avoid any penalty if he/she is not causing any trouble, and the police officer has a good day. Some of the police know that they have more important things to do than harassing somebody with a joint on his lips. Public smoking is not rare during weekends in the city centrum, but generally not recommended except for in hippie concerts and similar events.

Where to buy marijuana: In the summer time best place to score some weed is at riverside and local parks. Just spot the freak looking people in crowds. U just might get lucky in local latino/hippie bars around the central. and during “cheap” festivals/gigs at low class places theres always some people smoking weed outside since cig smoking is prohibited insides. sometimes its just easier to join with the alternative people since getting a free puff is much more easier to achieve than really buy anything.

Marijuana prices: 10-20€ for a gram of bud. Wouldnt recommend buying any hash except from older geezers since its most likely just soapy crap.

Marijuana brands: heaps of them most likely homegrown and theres a one specific Turku brand called Yeti and of course TurkuG13 hits like sledgehammer 🙂

More information: Finnish ppl r really shy so dont be alarmed if they dont speak too much. most of the young people understand english anyway. Just look for good company.