Tulsa, OK, Oklahoma

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 3

Legislation: Possession of any amount of marijuana is punishable by up to one year in jail for the first offense and 2 – 10 years in prison for subsequent offenses. Conditional discharge is available to first time offenders.

Law enforcement: Stay away from the west side of Tulsa, particularly the north side of the river, ie. Charles Page blvd. Way too many police. Also, the North side is the more dangerous side; dangerous by cops and gangs more so than mid-town or s and e. Cops are unreasonable all over, from my experience.

Cops are everywhere in Tulsa. It’s best to buy during the day because nobody is around at night except for cops. Tulsa is in the “Buckle” of the “Bible Belt”. This means that almost all cops will bust you as hard as they can if they find weed on you.

ANOTHER REPORTER ADDED: “Cops here are dirty!!!! they will add weight to what you get caught with!! do not trust any cop here, if you are getting pulled over with pot, throw it out!!! ”

Where to buy marijuana: Downtown you are likely to find some, surrounded by other drugs though. It helps to know a friend. If you know NO one, go to Orphas Downtown bar on 4th and Cincinatti. Not a high class bar. Mostly old people and people off the street, weed can be found though. Be cautious. Also worth mentioning, Oklahoma has a comparitively high Indian population, most of whom smoke weed.

another reporter added: “You can find Marijuana downtown, at the University and in South Tulsa. It’s best to know a friend. Make sure you feel good about a deal before meeting someone. Cops like to go undercover sometimes. If you can, try not to meet someplace public. If you don’t know anyone, ask people in the parking lot of some head shops. Oz (Midtown headshop) will not answer any questions, and will refuse to sell to you if you say the words “Bong” or “Weed”. Try to stay away from North Tulsa, lots of gangs and violence. Something like 70 murders this past year.”

Marijuana prices:


1/4 ounce = $20

1/2 ounce = $35-40

1 ounce = $65-80

Prices are pretty good for what you get. You might be able to talk them down from that. If you know a good dealer, stay with them. Too many meth addicts in Oklahoma means Cops are cracking down on dealers and suppliers.

Brands: Schwagg is most popular. Difficult to find high quality, ie. kind buds or hydroponically grown buds. Cost is much higher, ie. $10 – $20 per gram.

Mostly shwag, It’s rare to find anything exceptional. If you do, however, come across some Haze, it’ll cost you. Most dealers with good stuff will sell small quanities for a big price.

More information: Buy during the day, cops only care about traffic stops during the day. At night, they will pull you over for the smallest things. If you must travel at night, use the highways throughout Tulsa to get around.