Tucson, AZ, Arizona

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 3

Legislation: The possession of marijuana is a criminal offense. For possession of an amount less than two pounds the sentence can range from 6 mos. – 1.5 years and a fine of $750 – $150,000. Possession of two or more pounds but less than four pounds is punishable by 9 mos. – 2 years in jail and a fine of $750 – $150,000. Possession of four pounds or more is punishable by 1.5 – 3 years in prison and a fine of $750 – $150,000.

Law enforcement: Not a good idea to smoke in public. I myself have smoked at parks and occasionally walking down a not-very-populated road, but i would not recommend smoking out in populated areas.

Where to buy marijuana: Most marijuana in Tucson is sold through private connections, otherwise, if it isn’t, the seller most likely isn’t selling good weed, and won’t be there for long.

You have to know the connects the get quality! Or get some bammer off the streets of cluckers!!

and also: “Recently there has been an increase of dealers/smokers at the El Con Mall. ”

Marijuana prices: Different prices on different kinds. Some try to sell kind bud as dro, but real smokers know the difference, I think!! Grams sell for 20$ , eights range from 40$ to 50$ and even 60 an eigth. With 60 being the best you can find!! We use a main source getting strawberry cough and hog for 300.00 OZ!! A DEAL!! whole reg. LBS. are every where with great prices!! Many sources!

“Prices can differ according to the kind of weed. Usually it is 10$ for a dime, 20$ for a 20, etc…”

Marijuana brands: wide variety of kinds, purple urkle,strawberry cough,master kush,afghan dream,hog,white widow,burberry,dutch passion and other varietys I have met!!

With the purple urkle and master kush most liked and most expensive!

“Brands differ as well. I have seen tons of good weed here though. In the past two months i have seen white widow, orange kush, silver haze, many more. Of course you do get some shwag and mersh sometimes though.”