Trondheim, Norway

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 2

Legislation: The Norwegian government outlaws all possession and use of hash or pot.

The laws are not so strict up to 15g, but you don’t want to get caught with either 1g or 20 g’s. The fines are very high and the police don’t like cannabis, so their going to treat you bad. (not like those american films, but its not like a trip to disney land)

Law enforcement: You don’t want to get caught in this city. The punishment can be prison if not a big ass fine. But as long as you don’t deal or smoke in a public area you’ll be just fine.

Where to buy marijuana: Trondheim is the 3rd largest city in Norway. You can buy hash at the “Torg” or even at the “Buran” area. The dealers are pretty young, so just ask a random young adult in one of those areas.

another reporter added: “lilleby smelteverk”

And another reporter added: “There is no place where you can actually go up to a random person and buy marijuana in Trondheim.(It’s a small city). You have to know a person who sells it. The only tip I got is get drunk and ask a random stoner-looking person ”

and also: “Mostly in the “Buran”-area, but also available in decent amounts at a youth house called “UFFA” (mainly populated by punks and anarchists). Hash is pretty easy to come by, and if you have the right contacts, pot should prove to be no problem either.”

Our latest reports tell us: You could also try around “Vår Frues Kirke” (Our Madams Church), asking some of the alternative looking people there.

Marijuana prices: hash






another report we have is: “1 GRAM = 100 KR 50 GRAMS = 3500 KR


and another one: “100 NOK pr gram hashis. 3500 NOK = 50 gram. 150 NOK pr gram of pot.”

Marijuana brands: You can get all type of HASH in this town, generally good…

But you hardly find any POT…

Everything. No one actually knows the name of all the hash who gets in the city. It’s mostly maroc.

More information: dont talk shit, be a quest. young and scary hoodlums. people get robbed and stabbed almost every day. crazy hood. close to “buran”

A local says about this: Trondheim is a very safe city and the stabbings are few and long apart, so not worth mentioning here

Be careful when you hash in Trondheim, there`s alot of bad hash. (the type who don’t make you stoned and smells really bad)