Timisoara, Romania

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 3

Legislation: very strict in Romania. highly illegal, punishable, prison and such.

Law enforcement: they are mostly unaware..and completely clueless, but just avoid them.

Where to buy marijuana: mostly form people you know. don’t go and just ask around. there are a lot of covert agents working on discovering dealers, and you might get yourself watched.

Marijuana prices: 1 gr = 35-50 lei (1 euro = 3,15 lei) pricy as it may seem, this is gooood stuff we are talking about. 1 gr = 4 joints. fat joes. this is weed. prices for hash go a bit lower(say… 25-50) also, good quality, but…i think everyone prefers weed to hash.

Marijuana brands: mostly Romanian stuff, also, if you’ve got the right sources, timisoara being very close to the border, you can easily score stuff from Marocco, Viena, Germany, Hungary, Bulgaria… and such. mosctly better stuff, maybe a bit more pricy, but not over the above said range.

More information: more and more people have started …recreating themselves with marijuana, and realizing that it’s not physically addictive, and..not such a big deal….beter a joint a week than a nightcap every day.. oh, and papers can be found in any of the numerous tobbacco shops along the city centre and adiacent streets.