Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 4.7

Legislation: it is illegal to buy ,smoke ,sell…..but it’s the desert so who gives a f**k.

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Most of the people thet live in the desert are stoners by nature….

Law enforcement: police is a common thing im most places in Israel but in the desert you’ll probley never see them…

Where to buy marijuana in The Negev Desert: most of the kibutz in the negev have young pepple thet are usually stoners ,don’t be afride to ask…..if you are in a beduian area ,you can ask freely.

Negev marijuana prices: 600-800 per a kilo of weed. Which meens about 200 dollers per kilo (2 pounds) ,but you can find cheaper weed as well.

Brands: crappy seedy kind you won’t get any good bud ,unless you grow it…but good hash is allways an option

More information: Buy a bong in a kiosk ,it’s the isrealy experiace

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