Tehran, Iran

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 4.5

Legislation: Iran has a very interesting policy towards buds – planting marijuana is legal if planted for food purposes because in Iran ranians still eat the seeds just like sunflower seeds, and there are also companies in tehran that draw the oil from the seed and sell it legally.

The punishment for possesion of marijuana is a fine of Iranian Rials 10000 (US $1.25)for every gram in your possesion and as long as you have less than 10-15 grams they will not even hassle you. Please always use common sense and caution and remember a smile is better than a frown.

Law Enforcement: Police would be no bother if you don’t act silly. If you are a foreigner then for sure you’ll face no problems at all, but if you are caught a few dollars will solve the problem.

Smoking it though is technically illegal but enforcement is next to nothing. You can walk anywhere in Iran and puff away and no one will have any idea that you are smoking weed. Most people here smoke hash or opium so smoking weed is considered as OK.

Where to buy Marijuana in Iran: Hash is found every where. In parks or street anywhere you see a group of youngsters smoking or talking, don’t hesitate ask them and at least they’ll know somewhere near for getting hash.Getting weed needs contacts. Dealers are mostly working in western parts of the city. Walking around markets and streets in western parts you can ask young people with the rap style or long hairs like hippies for sure they’ll have the dealers telephone number and will help you out. If you are lucky and get to the right person you’ll get one of the best stuff you’ve ever smoked.

Marijuana prices and Brands in Iran: Marijuana Prices

1. Indica Variety High Potency 2-3 Dollars per gram

2. Sativa Variety High Potency 3 Dollars per gram

3. Indica Variey Low Potency 1-2 Dollars per gram

In Iran people smoke more Hash than Marijuana but that trend seems to be changing as better weed enters the market.

Hash Prices

1. Afghani 2 Dollars per gram

2. Pakistani 2 Dollars per gram

and also: “About 3-4$ per gram for weed. 1/4 ounce pack for about 15$. 1/2 ounce 30$.

Hash prices are a little cheaper. 1$ per gram.”

Country: Iran

Time Zone: UTC/GMT +3:30 hours

Dialing codes: + 98 (Iran) Area code: 21