Tegucigalpa, Honduras

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 3

Legislation: Marijuana is illegal in Honduras and so is any related action. Sick people caught with marijuana are claiming it is for medical purposes but the government and the law does not recognise this and punishments remain harsh.

Law enforcement: If the cops catch you smoking or in possession you might spend the rest of the day in the police station, it mostly depends on the cop. The police here is corrupt and might let you go with a bribe. The best way to approach this is by blabbering out that you’re a foreigner and aren’t looking for trouble. It is not recommended to smoke publicly as voice spreads surprisingly quick here and because pot is still tabooed among Honduran citizens. People here love to get drunk though.

Where to buy marijuana in Tegucigalpa: The best way to score some grass in Tegucigalpa is by going out to some concert or ‘laid-back’ bar where much of the junkies hang out and ask the friendly hippie looking crowd. Look for people that have that pothead look, it’s not hard to bump into one of us out in the street or in any bar or concert and are very friendly, don’t be afraid to ask. Just be smart on picking the person to ask.

Tegucigalpa marijuana prices: Prices here are very damn cheap, indeed a marijuana paradise due to its low price.

1 lb= 1,200 lps (equivalent to less than a hundred dollars)

1 oz= varies from 100 to 300 lps (still less than 20 dollars)

1 gr= 10 lps (less than a dollar)

Brands: Shwag most of the time but it does its job. From time to time you may come around red point or afghani by knowing the right people. Good quality weed is pretty much a myth in the street .

More information: Honduras is a beautiful tropical country in Central America with cheap drug prices and friendly people. If you ever find yourself in Honduras you cannot miss stopping by the Bay Islands and Carribean coast cities of Ceiba and Tela. Good weed is much easier to find in Honduras’ coast than in the capital Tegucigalpa, but that should not prevent you on doing a road trip to check out what Honduras has to offer.