Taveuni, Fiji

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 5


Legislation: Illegal everywhere. Don’t get busted dude

Law enforcement: Since the coup in fiji the military have cracked down hard on growers and dealers and finding someone to buy off got harder. There have been incidents of dealers being beaten, but these are isolated and not supported by the leaders of fiji and the fiji military has enough brains to keep their hands off foreigners. Also the military isn’t on Taveuni anymore, just the pretty laid back and small numbered group of police.

Where to buy marijuana: As of 2007 it is hard too find due to military rule. Best bet is if you are in one of the main cities such as Nadi or Suva is to go to one of the malls and look out for young Fijians wearing Sunglasses and Beanies, tattoos etc you can’t miss them ask them for it or use the Fijian word “Chimbi”. If no luck there a sure fire to find some would to be ask younger stoned looking Indian Taxi Drivers in Nadi. Times are hard there so you can expect to be ripped off I used to pay 2FJD per joint. Good luck and don’t get caught cos Marijuana is not tolerated at all in the general community. You will find that the majority of weed is only sold in joints.

Marijuana prices: $5 and up in Fiji dollars. A bigger pack for 50.

Marijuana brands: Homegrown outdoors

More information: Hang out at bars and parties and say bulla to someone who looks the part. Finding someone who knows someone who knows someone is the hardest part, but heaps of people here smoke. One common problem is that people usually won’t carry more than a very small quantity with them.