Tashkent, Uzbekiston

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 2

Legislation: It is to illegal to have anything to do with marijuana. Hence the fact that the ruling president is a dictator, so usually cops do what they want. Always have money for a bribe. I’ve lived there 3 years and never got caught. You can smoke in public if there are cops around, people do not snitch there.

Law enforcement: If you ever get caught with marijuana try to bribe the cop, always. If you dont know how to bribe heres a couple of hints- 1. put the amount of money you want to give to the cop, if you have money at least put in 20, 000 sum(which is about $20), put this in your drivers license or something, they do not take it very well when do not do it discreetly.

Where to buy marijuana: Uzbeks will say they have weed, but they wont hook you up. Maybe they’re showing – off and lying. It took me at least 4 months to get a steady and good supply of marijuana. The best thing to do is to ask hookers and prostitutes, and maybe ask someone after you have met them in a bar, or a club. Make sure it is not the first question, they might get irritated.

Marijuana prices: Marijuna prices usually go from $10-25 for a matchbox, that should be packed in very tight.

Marijuana brands: It is usually all natural. They have no specific strains, like white widow or chronic, but they will still get you high out of your mind.

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