Australia Law

Australia has adopted harm minimization strategies with an emphasis on treatment when it comes to simple marijuana offenses. Trafficking and exportation still fall into federal jurisdiction for large amounts with severe penalties. Most offenses are ruled within the territories legislation.

Penalties for cultivation have become harsher since more people have began and attracted attention to it with large-scale operations. The laws are confusing and often debated, with some arguing that possession is essentially legal.

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New South Wales Laws

Sydney is in the New South Wales(NSW) territory and thus is governed by their legislation. In NSW possession remains a criminal offense but an offender is rarely convicted. If you have under 15 grams it is at police discretion. You can receive up to two cautions that may include treatment referrals. The police have introduced a “caution” system where first-time offenders caught with small amounts are given a formal police caution and let go without being prosecuted, but a caution stays on your record for police to see.

NSW police have a reputation for being mean, violent and ignorant of the laws they are employed to enforce. They are corrupt but not susceptible to petty street bribes.”

One says: “It’s rare but cops do have sniffer dogs come to bars and on the street.I’ve been smelled out thankfully i had nothing on me but I had just smoked a nice fatty of hydro”

Where to buy Marijuana in Sydney

Marijuana is quite easy to obtain in Sydney, and because it is also popular and socially acceptable, feel free to ask anyone with a friendly face. Street sellers locate themselves in Kings Cross, however the deals are very small, a good starting point for the desperate.

According to our local reporter: “There are many delivery services. Most stoners will have numbers of dealers, who usually have areas of business. You ring the number and ask to meet somewhere. Of course there are going to be street peddlers in Kings Cross but that should be kept as a last resort. All the weed I’ve ever bought has been through delivery services whereby they will drive to you, as long as it is in their area.”

and also: “if you don’t know someone Kings Cross is your best chance but the prices are ridiculous. Ive had to pay 25 bucks for a joint of the street before (i was desperate). usually you can walk down and you will be offered weed.”

Sydney Marijuana Prices

Prices in AU$ (1 AU$ = 0.7 USD$ = 0.57 EUR) $20 per 1 gram $50 per 3 grams $100 per 1/4 $350 per oz

also: “used to be 300 bucks the ounce now prices have gone up a bit to 350 bucks the ounce. this was from my friend who made not profit off me.”


Mostly hydro but also a lot of bush weed.

Time Zone

UTC/GMT +10 hours

Dialing codes

+ 61 (Australia) Area code: 2

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  • Leslie

    interested in buying, ryde, epping, eastwood, carlingford in sydney

  • Danny

    need help in Sutherland Shire area (Caringbah, Miranda, Cronulla, Sutherland), email me with any leads:

    • Guest

      Any luck dude?

  • Dal

    Hey, I live in Kingsford, email: Looking to buy. I hope this works

    • Patch

      Hey, I live in Kingsford too. Did you manage to find anyone?

  • eddie

    Balmain /rozelle need some help cash transaction

  • Ray Danesh

    If any one can provide me half oz of good quality weed at sydney milsons point please contact me at (Please consider I won’t pay in advance, bring weed and get money).

  • Tom

    Looking for half weed but can someone contact me without paying upfront
    My email

  • Need

    can someone contact me without paying upfront? … Im in North Sydney.. Thanks!

  • Cous

    looking to get some green for the weekend. Located Ultimo, Pyrmont, Glebe area –

  • Guest

    Looking to score some decent bud no synthetic crap no bush some premo will pay up to 320 a bag no more q is fine I’m in the sutherland shire area hit me up

  • Dav

    Looking for some –

  • Nope

    After 1/8th or 1/4 in ryde,

  • jordan

    looking for some nice weed- 1/4 mabye a 1/2

    • Guest

      Any luck bro

      • Guest

        did u get any good quality stuff?

        • Guest

          No and I don’t wantvu to hook me up and ask me to import drugs ok I just smoke it I have no criminal involvement with it once again I just smoke

  • Stoner

    Looking for some green, desperate in western Sydney, email me can travel..

  • Whitney

    I am Looking for weed in Eastwood Sydney please help ASAP email me on

  • dc

    new in sydney keen for a regular hookup also after LSD. looking for local connect, cash in hand!

  • Tom

    Has anyone been to the Marshall Islands?? Can you get weed there?? The place looks beautiful… it will be even better with a doobie and a cold beer 🙂

  • Feinding420

    Balmain area… Can travel if needed..
    Not from around hear so desperate times call for desperate measures, and here I am. Scammers, don’t bother, I’m not an idiot…
    Legit people, if you can help – 0478664007

  • Eli

    Despite what anyone says getting hooked up in sydney is hard, sort of. I had no problem finding bush but ugh! hated giving money for something that was, well, bush!
    It takes a bit of time to get on the hydro. Adelaide is tops for bud in oz. I had some wicked lemony stuff a couple weeks ago that really surprised me.

  • moe

    I live near lakemba looking to buy plses send contacts to

  • moe

    I live near lakemba looking to buy plses send contacts to

  • su

    Looking for some good buds, no fuck arounds. Sers buyer. Contact
    around liverpool area.

    • Bem


  • Bem

    Drop yo mail

  • Andi083

    HI ALL
    Do not under any circumstances trust these guys with all the premo strains on offer.
    sounds to good to be true right?will it is
    From what i can make out with various correspondence with these fools is that they possibly are Islamic terrorist cells trying to extort money to fund there crimes.
    My advice is do not evan contact these people they could send u harmful malware or virus to your computer.
    be very cautious
    good luck with your hunt guys i no personally it is getting harder to get good bud in sydney to smoke but hopefully medicinal laws will pass eventually and happy days.
    if any serious people in sydney willing to do hand to hand transaction and has nice bud please hit me up and im not a cop

    • nikos

      i will mate

      • gabi

        Gday nikos remember me. Gabi

  • nikos


    sorry ,i am just an experienced delivery agent here working for
    somebody, and all money goes to my boss, once he confirms payment he
    then orders me to do the delivery,trust me i and doing discrete
    packaging and discrete delivery,so everything is 100% safe okay

    trust me and you will get your package

    Hahahahaha the scammers are so funny

  • Spieman

    I’m looking for someone who’s looking to do business properly, hand in hand, no stupid scammers. I will not transfer money into a bank account – no ones that stupid. I’m just a normal everyday white collar smoker. Anyone for real on here then drop a reply.

  • Karl innerwest marrickville area. If anyone is interested in selling to me face to face COD transaction email me. I don’t want anything mailed to my house and I sure as shit ain’t sending you any money in good faith. I will pay top dollar for decent weed.

  • Guest, im in western sydney, willing to drive within 15mins of blacktown, looking for just a stick…you give weed…ill then give the money.
    Once ive tried the weed, if i like it… you will have a good customer ha

  • josh

    just moved to sydney looking for bud.
    inner west sydney/city/newtown
    hand to hand no fuck arounds

  • kieran

    Hello I really need a smoke for tomorrow can anyone help me please.

  • tom

    In maroubra normal guy looking for good bud can anyone help me out. Send me ur email and ill email u. Thank u. Im 22 and perfectly sane

  • PaddyAustin

    This article needs to be seriously updated. I lived in Sydney from 2000 to 2008 and this article accurately reflects what its like getting weed in Sydney. I recently moved back and it has become much tougher. Kings Cross on any given night of the week and especially the weekend is crawling with cops. They are out in force so the chances of bumping into a street dealer are close to zero. You’ll also come across cops and the sniffer dogs on buses and in the train stations at any time – I was stunned to see them at 2 in the afternoon at Chatswood Station.

    Chances are most of the comments on here are from scammers. Seriously folks, are there really people dumb enough here to be sending money based on the promise of delivery? That’s crazy. I’d love a regular, discreet hook up in the North Sydney area but only on a cash on delivery basis. Will travel, will be regular. Hit me up if you can help (that’s a mask me email address from google chrome – its free and its supposed to block your real email address)

    • Wolf

      bro do you know any good hook ups around epping?

  • Help

    Good reliable customer looking for help, diagnosed with crohns disease, young married profession

  • Lucy

    Can anyone help me out? In Sydney for a couple of days and I would really appreciate it 🙂

  • Patch

    WARNING!!! IS A SCAM! DON’T DEAL WITH THEM! They just ripped me off by $80. Avoid at all cost.

  • Patch is a scam, don’t attempt to buy from them! Warning!!

  • David

    looking for some.

  • David

    Sydney central area

  • sean

    Is this shit for real.. lol
    I’ll try anything at this point.. On the hunt in sydney..

    • MJ

      Sidney sucks, everyone here thinks they can scam people.

  • Guest

    Hi, I looking for some
    Do not contact me stupid scammer
    I wanna Face to Face

  • Guest

    Anyone in the Sydney that is not thief or scammer who actually wants to make some money. A prostitute tried to overcharge me for green, I didn’t want her or her b.s. Price. One guy asked me to western union him some money. Another guy who got a bad review on here, but said it was a mistake, well haven’t heard back from them. I just don’t understand what has happen to morals, good people that like to make good money……….reply or email