Sturovo, Slovakia

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 3

Legislation: Marijuana is illegal in Slovakia and you coul get yourself in jail for 3-5 years for carrying POT.

Law Enforcement: Its OK to smoke in parks , but look out for police… they won’t tolerate any marijuana .. if you have luck you can bribe them (at least 200USD).

Where to Buy Marijuana in Sturovo: You can’t find dealers in the streets .. you have to find some contacts – then you can get very fine weed…

Bratislava Marijuana Prices: Varies from the “kindness” of the dealers… I’m from Slovakia so I get 1g of White widow for 10USD… If you make some smokers friends you ( tourist ) could get 1g for 10-15USD

Brands: Skunk , White Widow , Jack Herrer , quality of weed is variable.. if you have good connections you can get unbelievable weed .. 1 hit from a bong and you cant move ;-).

More Information: Slovakia love to smoke weed.. and it’s not true that they don’t tolerate weed .. but the smoker community is more underground.. Nobody is used to smoke joints in cafes or bars .. everybody consumes marijuana at their flat in a close community… If you want anything you got to go to a pub called ARGOS which is situated in the center of Sturovo every local smoker comes here to chill.. I think this is the only place where you can smoke weed indoors 😉 Sturovo also offers many tourist attractions as VADAS – the biggest swimming complex in slovakia … also Sturovo lays next to the river Danube which can be a very beautiful experience to get high on the shore … In Summer the streets are full ( like Mardi Gras ) and you can party all night long with beautiful tourists from all over europe…