Stavanger, Norway

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 3

Legislation: Not legal… (yet) Law enforcement: Not very apparent… If you’re not careful you might get caught but… you know smoke at home or at the hotel and you should be just fine As we say in Norway, “vזr lur som en rev og rרyk med vett sו gוr det som regel bra”

Where to buy marijuana: If you don’t know someone just try to make some friends… try around the bars or where people are playing pool/billiards, so just.. socialize!

Marijuana prices: From 100 to 150 is reasonable, if they want more they’re ripping you off.

Marijuana brands: Brown, black and green… I don’t know the names, but it’s mostly from marocco.

More information: Go to Scorpius for smoking paraphnelia. It’s not far from the train station (5 mins walk), just ask someone if you can’t find it.